Choosing a dolls house for 3 year olds

At three years old, little ones are so inquisitive and love to learn from the world around them. Their coordination and motor skills are beginning to develop, getting more and more confident as they move around and explore.

Scope for developing hand-eye coordination

So, it's best for a new dolls house to provide the scope for growing coordination and dexterity, offering accessories and features that are easy for little hands to hold, while being durable enough for lots of inquisitive play.

The Sweetbee Kitchen pictured below has been carefully designed for children aged three and above, matching the Butterbee Cottage dolls house with very thick wooden accessories and lots of details to investigate.

dolls house for 3 year olds

Chunky and durable

A child's wooden dolls house is designed very differently to collectible houses. Dolls houses and matching accessories for little ones are very chunky and provide enough intricate details to excite and inspire imaginative play, without details that are too fiddly and difficult to play with.

A dolls house for a 3 year old will include parts that are smaller than those designed for children under three years old, with lots of exciting details to uncover to encourage dexterity, in hardwearing shapes and designs for long lasting play.

Pictured below is the Butterbee Cottage, designed specifically for children aged three and above, with lots of imaginative play features and three large floors to hold a complete furniture set.

Most product descriptions will advise on the suitable age range, and some will specifically say 'for children aged 3+'. This reflects the type of play features included for this stage in a child's development, and lets you know there are small pieces included which are not suitable for children under three.

3 year old creative play

Inspire creativity and imagination

Flower boxes, opening window shutters and decorated interiors are just some of the lovely additions that can be found in dolls houses designed for children aged three years and above, and some feature really unique details including fabric curtains and letterboxes to enhance imaginative play. With these extra details to explore and the opportunity for adding more furniture and accessories to the collection, a dolls house grows with the child, with plenty to enjoy for years to come.

easy to clean dolls house accessories

Easy to clean

Chunky painted wooden accessories are really easy to clean as the painted finish is smooth and the chunky shapes are easy to wipe around with a cloth - perfect for wiping away grubby finger prints or spills! Wooden dolls houses which are unpainted can be more difficult to wipe clean as the wood may be porous depending on the type of finish.

size options

Size options

Dolls houses which measure around 60cm in height and width are the perfect size for children aged 3 years and above, with lots of space to play with accessories and plenty room for friends to play, too!

A depth of around 30cm is also ideal, as this makes sure there's enough depth to create full rooms with furniture sets, and plenty of space for the dolls to walk around and explore their new home. With this amount of space to play, children can easily reach inside to move the furniture and rearrange the rooms.

A smaller dolls house can inspire just as much creative play while also providing ease of portability, with many including carry handles. Fewer accessories will fit inside however, whereas a larger dolls house can host a range of accessories collected over time, creating a long lasting and treasured toy.