Dolls House Accessories


Childrens dolls house accessories are a wonderful way of embellishing the dolls' special little home, bringing lots of life and character to imaginative play. With a beautiful range of dolls house accessories to choose from, the little ones' Dolls House will be full of joy in no time.

Childrens dolls house accessories are perfect for adding finishing touches, or to even expand the dolls house into a larger play area, with the addition of unique doll house accessories such as the Daisylane Garden Play Set or the Daisylane Patio & BBQ Set. Childrens dolls house accessories can brighten up any dolls house, large or small, and will inspire lots of imaginative play.

Including dolls house accessories to the dolls' precious home can add an exciting dimension to the children's playtime, and will create a variety of different themes for the dolls. Sophie's Car gives the dolls an exciting get away for weekend adventures, and the wooden horses with a Jumping Set will transform the dolls house into a charming rural home. The little dolls can start lots of new hobbies, be it horse riding, driving around in a pretty car or playing in the garden with outdoor doll house accessories.

Doll house accessories make beautiful gifts that enhance the imaginative play value of a dolls house. While the charming features of a dolls house provides an inspiring space for the children to create lots of stories, the addition of doll house accessories can create all sorts of additional adventures. These dolls house accessories are wonderful additions that can be added as and when the time is right, adding lots of new and exciting possibilities as the little one grows and the dolls would like extra doll house accessories to play with!

Our range of wooden dolls house accessories are carefully handpicked to provide a selection of the highest quality doll house accessories for your little ones. The high quality wood has been carefully and ethically sourced from sustainable forests, and transformed into delightful wooden dolls house accessories that will create the most wonderful imaginative play spaces for your children.

The delightful durable nature of wooden toys means that the little ones can create magical stories within their dolls house with doll house accessories that will last for a very long time. All of our wooden dolls house accessories are designed to be long-lasting, durable and reliable, so that the little ones can treasure their dolls house for years to come. Wooden doll house accessories are perfect for little ones, with the durable and chunky accessories being great for little hands, while the wood is wonderfully easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

Wooden dolls house accessories are timeless pieces that will spark lots of imaginative play, and they provide a great opportunity for little ones to play together and share ideas about the dolls and their daily adventures. Wooden dolls house accessories encourage the children to talk to each other, and create conversations between the dolls while giving the dolls and doll house accessories their own personalities and characteristics. This encourages the children to develop important social skills, including speech and communication skills, as well as enjoying the fun of sharing.

The fun and adventures that can be created with wooden dolls house accessories are endless, with the children being able to explore and expand their imaginations and invent many exciting senarios for the dolls. Our selection of wooden dolls house accessories is designed to offer variety, fun and high quality pieces that will enhance any dolls house and give the little ones extra doll house accessories to enjoy with their special dolls house.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection of wooden dolls house accessories, and exploring the different possibilities that can enhance and inspire imaginative play. We are confident that you will find the perfect selection of doll house accessories for your little one, and if you would like any help and advice for choosing the perfect wooden dolls house accessories for you, then please do get in touch - our friendly team of play experts are happy to help.