Dolls House Buying Guide

Many of our dolls houses, furniture and accessories are interchangeable as they are designed to the same scale, so our furniture sets and accessories can be used in a wide range of of our dolls houses. Some smaller dolls houses are designed to a smaller scale, and these dolls houses come with their own furniture set so you don't need to worry about finding pieces that match. This means you can't really go wrong when choosing a dolls house set for your little ones. However, with so many dolls houses available, we know the choice can be a little overwhelming so we're here to help you choose the perfect one!

When browsing through our dolls houses, you'll notice there are a variety of sizes to choose from, so we've got lots of advice below that explains the benefits of each size. We have a selection of small, medium and large dolls houses, so we've split this guide into three categories to discuss the wonderful advantages of each.

small dolls houses

Small Dolls Houses

Smaller dolls houses have lots of lovely advantages and are perfect for younger children. These small dolls houses feature two floors and come with a small furniture set, so the little ones have a complete set to get the imaginative adventures started. Perfect for little hands, a small dolls house provides enough room to move the furniture around, yet takes up just a small amount of space in the home.

Small dolls houses can be played with on the bedroom floor, kitchen table, on their bed or even on their laps, making it wonderfully versatile and convenient. The lightweight nature also makes them wonderfully easy to carry between different rooms and the Bigjigs Blossom Cottage even comes with a carry handle so it can be transported to grandma's house at the weekend or their best friend's house after school!

These more compact dolls houses are also very discreet when packed away after play time. The accessories can be stored inside the house to keep them safe and tidy and then the dolls house can easily fit inside a bedroom cupboard or under the bed.

Although these dolls houses are small, the imaginative adventures can be huge!

We have a variety of small dolls houses available as shown in the image above; Bigjigs Blossom Cottage and the EverEarth Fairy Tale Dolls House. All three are made with durable painted wood and come with basic furniture sets.

medium dolls houses
Medium Dolls Houses
We have a selection of medium sized dolls houses and these are a perfect compromise between the small and large houses, providing lots of space for children to play while not taking up too much room in the home. Being heavier than the small dolls houses, it is more convenient for medium houses to be given a permanent place in the home, although they can easily be lifted and carried by an adult if necessary.

Many of our medium sized dolls houses come with a complete furniture set with a selection of accessories to furnish each room, so the little ones can start playing straight away. These houses commonly feature three floors including the attic space, so there's lots of room for accessories to be moved around. The front panels open fully and the roof panels lift off, so the children can easily get their hands inside to create make-believe adventures and the size also makes them perfect for playing with friends too.

The medium sized dolls houses are ideal for children of all ages. Children of all ages can generally reach all three floors comfortably, however younger children may wish to sit and explore the bottom floors initially and grow into the taller floors. Many little ones like to stand and play with the dolls house on the floor, making it even more accessible. This versatiliy means these dolls houses provide long lasting play for all little ones, providing growing room as well as plenty of space for additional accessories if they wish to develop their collection.

Each of these dolls houses feature roof panels that can lift off completely or fold over to the opposite side, and the large front panels open fully. This makes access to all floors really easy, providing lots of room for the little ones to create their make-believe worlds.

Our collection of medium sized dolls houses includes the Teamson Magic Garden Dolls House.

large dolls houses
Large Dolls Houses
Large dolls houses are the most popular within our range. A dolls house is a beautiful and long lasting toy with timeless charm so being big enough to grow with your little one is a wonderful quality, as the imaginative games and adventures can become more and more complex as they develop, and friends and siblings can join in the games too. The generous size with big opening front panels, multiple large floors and a removable roof makes it easy for children to play together and move the characters and furniture around at the same time, making fun make-believe worlds for the dolls.

The scope for group play with a large dolls house encourages youngsters to talk to each other, helping to develop their vocabulary and have fun listening to each other's ideas about what adventures the dolls should get up to! This makes large dolls houses particularly ideal for older children so they can invite their friends to play. The height of these dolls houses allow the children to sit comfortably while playing, whether at a desk or on the floor.

A lovely advantage of the larger dolls houses is the amount of space inside. They tend to feature three or more floors, so there's plenty of room for a complete set of furniture. This means the little ones can have a full set of furniture to play with instantly, or can collect various sets over time. This is a wonderful gift idea as different family members can give the little one sets to expand their collection, making this a long lasting toy that inspires ongoing adventures!

Our large dolls houses can be purchased with complete furniture sets at discounted prices in our Bargain Bundles, or the houses and furniture sets can each be purchased separately so that you can pick and choose your favourite accessories.

The large dolls houses typically feature three floors, are fully painted inside and out and all have removable roof panels, while each dolls house also has its own unique touches. Big Game Hunters Butterbee Cottage and Berrybee Cottage bargain bundles include fabric curtains, opening window shutters, two staircases and a letter box so the dolls can collect their post each morning! These dolls houses also include full sets of beautiful Sweetbee Furniture and a family of dolls - as seen in the image above. Butterbee Cottage and Berrybee Cottage can also be purchased separately.

The John Crane Tidlington House has opening panels on the front and back so children can play on both sides.

We do hope this guide has helped you choose the perfect dolls house for your child, but if you have any questions or would like more advice, please email us at - we are happy to help!