Dolls House Dolls


These dolls house dolls will transform any children's dolls house into a fun and lively home. With a selection of 1:12 and 1:18 scale dolls for dolls houses, they are suitable residents for any miniature home! Your little ones can choose from sets of doll families, individual dollhouse dolls and there's even a collection of themed characters. Each dolls house doll comes fully clothed in beautifully detailed fabric, and all have sweet little hand-painted faces.

Being made from high quality wood, these dolls house dolls are perfect for chunky little hands, while their flexible bodies let them be a part of all sorts of adventures and games. These dolls house dolls are designed with incredible attention to detail; each set has wonderfully durable colour-coordinated clothing and accessories, and their adorable smiley faces show how excited they are to unpack their bags and move into their new home!

Our selection of dolls for dolls houses includes lots of unique characters that will make perfect gifts for any little one, whether they are a keen dollhouse dolls collector or just starting their dolls house adventures. The collectable nature of our dolls for dolls houses gives you the option to add new members of the family as and when you're ready, inspiring more complex role-play and imaginative stories as your dolls house grows.

Imaginative play encourages all sorts of valuable skills; putting the dollhouse dolls to bed, cooking dinner in the kitchen or having a nap on the sofa inspires fun decision making and develops careful coordination skills. Important language skills are also improved during role-play while talking to the dollhouse dolls and creating conversations between the characters. So, while the youngsters are having a bundle of fun with their new dolls house dolls, they're also learning a whole range of new skills, too.

Dolls for dolls houses are wonderful additions to any dolls house, transforming the dolls house into a home and encouraging an array of intricate adventures. The little ones can create a world of stories and games for the dollhouse dolls, transforming the little dollhouse dolls into characters with their very own personalities. This encourages the children to think from others' points of view and understand the world from different perspectives, helping them to develop many different communication and language skills, as well as complex thought processes.

All of our dolls for dolls houses are designed with beautiful features, including smiley faces with handpainted details, charming hair styles and pretty clothing, enhancing the imaginative play value and inspiring the little ones to invent a whole variety of fun adventures.

All of our dollhouse dolls have been carefully handpicked to provide a variety of high quality, durable wooden dolls for dolls houses that will withstand extensive playtime and exciting activities. With our dolls for dolls houses featuring such high quality wood and durable accessories, they can be enjoyed for many years to come and will form lots of precious memories.

The dollhouse dolls are able to bend with wired concealed soft-wire joints at their shoulders, legs and head, making them wonderfully easy to move and pose into different positions, while the high quality wood provides the durability and strength required to ensure that the dolls for dolls houses are long-lasting and reliable.

Our team at the Big Game Hunters' Dolls House Shop ensure that only the highest quality and most inspiring dollhouse dolls are featured within our selection, offering the little ones the most special wooden dollhouse dolls to include within their dolls house collection, which will continue to provide lots of imaginative play and facilitate the children's changing requirements.

The magic of a wooden dolls house and wooden dollhouse dolls is their ability to adapt and grow with the children. The variety of different dollhouse dolls and accessories provides the children with an exciting base to develop and invent a variety of adventures and stories, reflecting the children's developing imaginations and thoughts about the world around them.

This type of imaginative play with a dolls house and dolls for dolls houses allows the children to change and adapt their playtime as they grow, creating more complex and detailed stories for the dollhouse dolls as they learn more about the world around them and their imaginations grow.

All of our dolls for dolls houses are manufactured with responsilbly sourced wood from sustainable forests, and combined with the timeless nature of wooden toys, these dolls house dolls will be treasured for many years to come.