Dolls House Furniture Buying Guide

All of our dolls house furniture sets are designed to a 1:12 scale, meaning that they can be used with any of our dolls houses. This provides the option of mixing and matching the furniture sets if you wish, and are interchangeable with any standard 1:12 scale children's dolls houses. We have lots of furniture sets to choose from, including individual room sets as well as complete collections, so we've explained the benefits of each furniture range below to help you choose the perfect ones for you.
Sweetbee Furniture buying guide

Sweetbee Dolls House Furniture

Our Sweetbee Dolls House Furniture range includes six beautiful room sets that will suit any of our larger dolls houses perfectly. These sets particularly suit the Butterbee Cottage and Berrybee Cottage as they are designed to the same pretty colour scheme and country cottage style. Each accessory has been handcrafted from chunky pieces of wood to make them strong and durable, and hand-painted with thick paint to keep them looking lovely!

There's lots of details to keep the little ones occupied, with a variety of different sized accessories to encourage different levels of coordination. Each piece is easy to grip and the smaller pieces encourage very careful coordination. This includes a large wardrobe with wooden clothes hangers and a rail, small cakes to balance on the cake stand, mugs to sit on the tea tray, a toaster with a removable slice of toast, and many more! This makes the Sweetbee Furniture sets perfect for younger children who are still developing coordination as well as older children who may like a more complex dolls house world. The Sweetbee Sets have been tested and certified for children aged 3+.

There's lots of unique accessories that make the Sweetbee sets really fun, including a guitar and fabric Wigwam Play Tent in the Children's Bedroom, a banana bowl and cake stand in the Kitchen, and a polka dot lamp and cosy log burner in the Living Room! Any dolls house will feel warm and cosy once the Sweetbee accessories are placed around the house and lots of adventures will take place.

Each Sweetbee Furniture set can be purchased separately, or in different sized packages which offer wonderful discounts. All six sets can be purchased as a bargain bundle, or there are packs of three's to choose from, offering lots of different option for expanding the collection.

The beautiful colour scheme and traditional country cottage theme gives the sets a timeless charm while the exciting features will keep the little ones immersed for many years to come - so there will be huge amounts of imaginative play!

Tidlo furniture buying guide

Tidlo Dolls House Furniture

Our John Crane Tidlo range includes five different room sets, including a living room, kitchen, children's bedroom, master bedroom and bathroom. All of these sets can be purchased individually so you can mix and match with our other furniture sets if you wish or purchase all five to collect the complete collection. These furniture sets offer a variety of different accessories that comfortably furnish the dolls house, and are painted with bright colours for exciting play time. The accessories are suitable for children aged three and above, but are particularly suited to three to four year olds as the pieces are very chunky and quite basic so are very easy to grip and move around.

The bright colours are fun and inviting for young children, encouraging lots of creative play, and the durable nature of the painted wood makes sure that these pieces can withstand very enthusiastic play! The features within these sets are easy to play with, for example the wardrobe includes a chunky block with painted clothes on, so the little ones can easily put this inside, and the bathroom includes blocks with a rubber duck print and a sponge print. These little blocks make playtime simple and easy for little fingers to grip, as opposed to the more detailed sets which offer more features to explore such as clothes hangers and smaller accessories.

The Tidlo furniture sets can be used with any of our dolls houses as they are designed to the 1:12 scale, however they particularly suit the brightly coloured dolls houses such as the Tidlo Tidlington House and the Magic Garden Dollhouse to match the fun and colourful theme!

dolls house furniture sets guide

Complete Collections

As well as individual room sets, we also have a selection of complete furniture sets that are designed to furnish the dolls house all in one go, instantly opening up a whole world of imaginative play for the little ones..

Our Bargain Bundles range also includes a selection of dolls house packages that include complete furniture sets.