Dolls House Furniture - Bloggers' Reviews

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Here is a collection of wonderful photos and snippets from our blogger friends' reviews, featuring our dolls house furniture and accessories. If you'd like to buy the furniture or accessories shown in the reviews, simply click on the images!

Daisylane Outdoor Playset

Rebecca, our blogger friend from, kindly reviewed the Daisylane Outdoor Playset for us - we're definitely in agreement about how cute this set is! Here are her thoughts...

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outdoor playset review

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Lemon Sorbet Dining Room and Truth Fairy Dolls

Beth from kindly reviewed the Lemon Sorbet Dining Room furniture set and the Truth Fairy Budkins, read wonderful snippets from her review below...

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Sugar Plum review 1

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Truth Fairy Dolls review 1

Sugar Plum Furniture

Emma from has written a lovely review of two furniture sets within the Sugar Plum range. These furniture sets have made wonderful additions to a dolls house that they've already got at home, and the residents of the house now have places to sit! - Read what her family think to the sets here...

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Sugar Plum review 3

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