Children's Wooden Dolls House Furniture


We have a beautiful collection of children's wooden dolls house furniture at Big Game Hunters, offering a large selection of charming designs in a variety of different colours to transform any dolls house.

Our delightful collection includes the leading range of Daisylane dolls house furniture by Le Toy Van, offering beautiful retro detailing and charming pastel colours, and the beautiful Tidlo range by John Crane.

Our selection of children's dolls house furniture has been carefully handpicked to provide you with the most beautiful range, making sure that your little one's miniature home is furnished beautifully. We have also provided the option of choosing each room set separately, or choosing a complete set to transform that special dolls house in one go.

Each furniture set is made from high quality, durable wood that is responsibly sourced and wonderfully environmentally friendly, providing strong and long-lasting pieces that will be the source of many imaginative adventures. The strong and durable structures in every piece of furniture makes them perfect for little hands that are still developing coordination, where a light and delicate touch may not have been developed just yet! The high quality wood is designed to withstand extensive playtime, making sure that each set is reliable and fun!

wooden dolls house furniture

Our range of children's wooden dolls house furniture includes pretty additional accessories such as duvets, cushions, rugs, pillows and table cloths that are all designed with delightful fabrics and intricate details. These fabrics provide different textures for the children to touch and various colours to explore, and are all designed to imitate homely accessories that the children are familiar with. This is perfect for encouraging imaginative play and learning about the world around us.

The little ones can tuck the baby dolls into their pretty beds, putting their heads on the soft foam pillows, and pulling the comfortable duvets over them to keep warm, while the mummy and daddy dolls can be relaxing in the living room on the upholstered sofas! The gorgeous attention to detail within our range of wooden dolls house furniture will spark lots of imaginative play and will bring any dolls house to life!

If you prefer more modern, slim line furniture for your dolls house, we have a selection of pieces that boast beautiful, bright painted details and modern shapes. These pieces replicate modern homes perfectly and the children will love rearranging these pieces of furniture to create a comfortable home for the dolls. These sets are designed with a selection of different colours to make a theme for each room, bringing bright and lively character to any dolls' home!

Imaginative play is so important for children's development in their early years, with their imaginations expanding and creativity flourishing. Lots of different skills are learnt during this kind of play, and a set of children's dolls house furniture to play with inside their dolls house can spark a huge range of adventures to encourage this. Playing with these accessories and having the option to rearrange the rooms and make exciting worlds for the dolls, encourages the children to create stories and use their knowledge about the world around them to imitate daily routines and activities.

With no limitations and boundaries, children can create any type of dolls house world they wish, and the adventures can evolve every time they open up the dolls house doors. The wooden dolls house furniture, along with the dolls and accessories let imaginations take the lead!

Each set of children's dolls house furniture is suitable for use with any of our dolls houses. They are designed to a 1:12 scale, making them easy to hold and move around, and wonderful for inspiring role-play.

Wooden toys give children the chance to express their creativity, and to share this creativity with others. The nature of a dolls house and wooden furniture encourages sharing, making it possible for adults and other little friends or siblings to share the fun and to arrange the accessories together. This encourages children to interact with others and develop their communication skills through talking about the daily plans for the doll families!

Rearranging the accessories during playtime encourages the children to involve themselves with the characters' lives and to make plans for their next adventures, helping the children make sense of real life situations and social interactions, and these skills will then benefit them throughout their younger years and into the future.

The beauty of individual wooden children's dolls house furniture sets is the option to choose individual sets for your little ones, and add to the collection as and when you're ready, or choose an entire collection that will furnish the dolls house beautifully. Whichever package you choose, a whole world of imaginative adventures will be opened up instantly!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection and find that special set that's perfect for you. We try our very best to provide as much information about our products as possible, but if you have any questions, or would like guidance in choosing the perfect toys, please don't hesitate to contact us - our team of play experts are always happy to help.

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