Bargain Bundles

These Bargain Bundles make it quick and simple for you to choose a complete dolls house set, with the added incentive of special discounts! There's lots of different varieties and sizes to choose from in our range of Bargain Bundles, whether you'd like a complete set with a dolls house and six-room furniture collection or a variety of accessories to make an occupied dolls house even more fun and lively!

These complete sets are ready to play, so that special little one can instantly open up a whole world of adventures! With bundles that include a dolls house, complete furniture collection and a family of dolls, every room in the dolls house will be beautifully furnished and the family of dolls can start exploring their new home straight away.

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Our bundles that offer a dolls house with partial furniture sets and dolls provide the option of collecting more furniture sets in the future, so the little ones have plenty of accessories to play with initially and still have lots of room in the dolls house to add more more if they wish!

We've grouped together the dolls houses and accessory sets that we feel are the most perfectly suited, however you can add any accessories, dolls or dolls houses to any of these bundles if you wish as all of our playsets are designed to the same scale.

These dolls house bundles are a perfect opportunity to purchase complete sets, making your shopping experience quick and easy while also saving pennies!

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