Games to play with dolls houses and furniture

games to play with a dolls house

A very special thing about a dolls house is that the play it inspires doesn't need to be directed. A dolls house opens up a world of endless possibilities, and little ones don't need to follow any rules or instructions to play.

This gives children complete freedom on the stories and adventures they set up for the dolls in their home, encouraging the growth of imagination and creativity.

There are, however, some games that you can also incorporate into playtime that we think are lots of fun, and they're perfect for involving grown-ups, too!

best dressed dolls house game

Best dressed dolls house

A selection of dolls house furniture gives little ones plenty of options for setting up their new home, and each room can be dressed up however they wish. Furnishing the house is so much fun and is a wonderful opportunity for family to join in too.

To turn this into a little game, allocate each person a room in the dolls house and set all the pieces of furniture aside. Mix up all of the furniture pieces so they're no longer divided by room type, and then each person takes in turn to close their eyes and pick out pieces of furniture at random.

Once the furniture is divided up evenly, each player uses their imagination to furnish their room using their pieces, and the most creative wins!

The uniquely furnished rooms will get some giggles, as it's very likely the rooms won't have much resemblance to home anymore, so there'll be lots of chatter about how the dolls can use their newly reorganised home.

You can also add different rules to the game for some variety - try sharing out the furniture by room type, and the room which resembles home the most, wins!

story making dolls house game


To create new adventures for the dolls, little ones can take in turn to write a story that features the dolls as characters, to then play out using their dolls house and accessories. This really helps children to learn from each other, learn how to take in turns and share happily. The little ones can share the character roles, exploring each other's stories and imaginations.

There's so much scope for story-making, the adventures can stay in the home with lots of home-making adventures or venture outside.

If their siblings and friends also have their very own dolls houses, they can bring them together to create a cute little village and the new neighbours can all play together.