Key Stage 1

Key stage 1 is a magical time in school for children, with boundless learning opportunities and scope to explore and develop a wide range of skills.

Little ones start to learn more about the world around them during years 1 and 2, developing abilities which will continue to grow throughout their education and stay with them forever.

With an introduction to a range of topics, a wider group of peers and lots of new experiences to enjoy, learning is lots of fun and starts to prepare children for life in the real world.

Key stage 1 education provides the scope for exploring, learning, inspiring imagination while developing vital skill sets that form the basis for future development, and we are very proud to support this stage of development with our range of play equipment.

Designed to educate through play, our range of products inspire fun, group play and support children's natural development through years 1 and 2.

key stage 1 children playing

Channel energy

At this age, children are full of energy and are so excited to explore the world around them. Our range of products for key stage 1 encourages little ones to channel their energy into a variety of constructive play types, introducing new skills while encouraging and celebrating their inquisitive nature.

Organisation, independence and cooperation

Children become good learners through developing basic skills during key stage 1. With an introduction to organisation, independence and cooperation, children start to learn how to play independently as well as developing the confidence and ability to play in groups. Our selection of games and activities help to introduce and nourish these skills, whether incorporated into lesson plans or enjoyed in the playground.

key stage 1 learning through discovery

Learning through discovery

Learning through discovery is a huge part of children's development, and our range of creative play equipment is here to encourage and support this. Our sand and water play products promote discovery through tactile play and provide the perfect setting for the introduction to weights, mass and measures. Our play dens and hideaways are also perfect for exploring imagination while playing actively and encourage children to play cooperatively with peers, developing communication and sociability.

key stage 1 numbers on blackboard

Mathematics and numeracy

Key stage 1 encourages new and exciting ways of thinking, helping children to make informed and thoughtful decisions. Numeracy is applied in a number of different ways, helping to teach the value of investigation, observation and reflection. Little ones are encouraged to ask questions and celebrate their curiosity.

Through playing, talking and listening with peers and teachers, children start to explore new subjects and absorb lots of information about the world around them. Through reflection, reading and recording, children learn the value of exploration and learning from those around them. A variety of our games and activities promote mathematics and numeracy, including Giant Chess, Draughts and Snakes and Ladders. Children are introduced to strategy and begin to learn the value of rules, develop counting skills and learn how to keep score.

key stage 1 group play

Learning and playing in groups

During this time, children start to learn how to control their behaviour and how their behaviour affects others. They begin to understand the importance of social rules, appreciate others' feelings and the value of understanding those around them. This allows them to play in groups in a more fair and understanding manner while talking and listening to each other. Our range of play equipment and games are designed to help this communication and sociability flourish, encouraging team work in small groups and helping children to learn the importance of learning collectively in shared activities.