Key Stage 2

We're very proud to support this invaluable stage in children's education with a range of play equipment and games designed to incorporate into key stage 2 lesson plans as well as provide lots of fun in the playground.

We appreciate the true value of Key Stage 2; it's a very exciting and influential period in school, developing and advancing a wide variety skill sets. Children create, communicate, explore, collaborate with peers and absorb huge amounts of knowledge during this time.

key stage 2 play equipment

Expanding knowledge

Children engage in new topics, expand their knowledge about the world around us and develop a stronger sense of identity, learning to work well in groups and individually. Our products are designed to inspire and encourage collaborative play as well as independent growth, with a variety of rules and activities to grasp and enjoy.

Collaborative learning

With a selection of creative and imaginative play equipment, including sandpits and water play, dens and tents, children can channel their creativity and explore their imaginations through tactile and active play. With collaborative learning becoming a treasured part of school for children during this stage, imaginative play equipment provides the perfect foundation for this sociability to develop, encouraging group play and exploration.

key stage 2 children talking

Spoken language and reading

With literacy skills improving quickly during key stage 2, our hideaways and dens provide a beautiful setting for this development to take place. Children can enjoy reading independently and with others in their very own imaginative play space. Spoken language underpins the advancement of reading and writing, and a play den provides a comfortable and exciting area to practise listening, speech and reading skills.

Celebrating strengths and building confidence

Ready to support children's growing independence and strengths, our range of key stage 2 play equipment and games is designed to encourage children to believe in their abilities and help to develop key skill sets. We understand the importance in celebrating strengths and encouraging independence during this stage.

Our games provide set rules to follow and promote strategic thinking which also provide scope for improvement, so children can see their abilities advancing and influence peers to recognise their own skills as well as celebrate others' skills. These activities promote self-discipline and fairness in order to enjoy the games fully and help children to relay these skills into other areas of school and home life.