Key Stage 3-4

Our variety of active play equipment is designed to support child development during key stages 3 and 4. With rapid personal development and growth in physical ability during this stage, our sports equipment and games provide resources to incorporate into physical education lesson plans while promoting healthy physical activity during break time.

key stage 3-4 play equipment

Fair play and sportsmanship

Community spirit and fair play are core skills developed through sport and physical education during key stages 3 and 4. Our selection of high quality basketball and netball equipment as well as a range of fitness aids support this development, allowing teachers and coaches to carry out their lesson plans and training sessions smoothly and efficiently.

Our giant games provide unique opportunity for improving sportsmanship, encouraging young people to work together in teams in an enjoyable atmosphere, whether incorporated into lessons or played with during break times. These games provide fun novelty and work as brilliant icebreakers when new classes come together.

key stage 3-4 leadership skills

Leadership and communication

Developing communication skills and leadership ability is a vital part of young peoples' development during this stage, with a strong focus on active participation and sociability. We're pleased to support this key area of development with a range of high quality and reliable products designed to bring children together and promote team spirit while encouraging key social and communication skills. Leadership promotes the ability to take control of a team and work together to make decisions and think tactically. Our products help to facilitate this development while inspiring a positive and enjoyable environment.

Health and fitness

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through physical education is core during key stages 3 and 4, with PE and sport forming an exciting part of school as well as inspiring new hobbies and a passion for sport. We're passionate about active play and are proud to support education with a range of games and equipment that we know will be thoroughly enjoyed and stand the test of time.