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Honeybake Toaster Set

The lovely Pauly from kindly reviewed the Honeybake Toaster Set with his little ones. Pauly has made a wonderful diner area for his son Opeie, featuring our Honeybake Toaster Set as well as a cuddly broccolli who currently co-owns the diner! Read about their wonderful adventures here...

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Toaster Set review 2

Jocelyn at has written a lovely post about imaginative play and explains why she feels it's so valuable. Jocelyn has also reviewed the Toaster Set with her little ones, read about her thoughts here...

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Oven and Hob Set

Charlotte has featured a wonderful review of the Honeybake Oven and Hob set on her blog, read her thoughts on the set here...

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Honeybake Cookie Set

Rishi from kindly reviewed the Honeybake Cookie set with her two children, and they loved it! Read about the fun they're having here...

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