Longworth Croquet Sets

Included in our croquet section is the Longworth range, which is one of our most popular croquet sets being offered in various storage types as well as including a six player set. The name comes from a small village in South Oxfordshire, home to 2 of our 4 managing directors.

The Longworth set includes all the equipment needed to organise and play the classic game of croquet. Included are 4 x wooden croquet mallets which are made with care to a very high specification, you won't be disappointed. The leather handles ensure a good grip and the gold detail really makes these mallets look the part.

Also included are a first set (blue, yellow, red and black) of durable croquet balls. Weighing 12oz and made from strong plastic, these balls will last and can take some blows!

Wherever this set is played, at a wedding reception, in a hotel ground or simply in the garden at home, players will enjoy the popular pastime and (we hope) encourage others to join!