Make a dolls house garden

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The adventures don't need to stay inside the dolls house, there's plenty of exciting things that can happen outside, too!

Of course the dolls love being at home with their family and friends, but they also love having an outdoor area to venture into, so this is a perfect opportunity for the little ones to get creative and make exciting outdoor spaces for them.

Creative outdoor spaces with dolls house furniture...

Wooden dolls house furniture from inside their home can also venture outside into the new garden, creating a comfy patio, al fresco dining area or relaxing space for lounging in the sunshine. This extends the play space with even more scope for imaginative play, while giving the children the opportunity to get creative and invent arty outdoor spaces for their dolls.

dolls house furniture in garden

Handmade gardens...

Creating an outdoor area for the dolls can be as easy or challenging as desired, whether it's a cute little grassy area using just paper and crayons or a 3D landscaping project using lots of arts and crafts, the dolls will absolutely love it!

Making a front garden using paper and crayons is fun for all ages. Little ones can draw outlines of trees, flowers, plants and colour them in, adding as many different outdoor themed objects or wildlife as they wish (grown-ups can help draw the more complicated outlines!). All you need is;

  • A sheet of paper or card (A3 or A1 are ideal sizes, or multiple A4 sheets taped together also works perfectly)
  • Crayons, pencils, water paints (or a mixture of all of these!)

Simply lay out the card and start by sketching out where the grass, hedges, paths or even a pond is going to be, so you've got the main layout ready for adding the smaller details. This fun little landscaping project gets the little ones thinking about different types of outdoor areas they're familiar with, perhaps from home, playgroup, school or friends' homes, but also using their imagination to add new and exciting features - there's no limit to how creative and unique the dolls' garden can be!

dolls house garden drawing with grass

Choosing your dolls house garden theme...

There are lots of different outdoor themes you can choose...

  • front garden
  • farmyard
  • meadow
  • vegetable plot
  • country cottage garden
  • pretty courtyard patio

A pretty country garden can include grassy areas, curvy cobblestone paths and lots of trees, while a farmyard can include stables, chicken pens and lots of open fields.

dolls house garden drawing

Make your garden 3D...

Once the main layout is drawn out, lots of fun details can be added. This is where the little ones can be really creative! These smaller details can still be drawn with pencils or paints, or they can get really arty and create 3D features with a range of materials.

Cotton wool balls painted green make brilliant trees and bushes, and little pieces of colourful felt glued onto real twigs make perfect flowers and plants. Adding different textures and materials to make the garden 3D makes it feel homely with lots to explore, and feels like an extension of the dolls house.

3D dolls house garden

Take inspiration from nature walks...

Going for a nature walk with the little ones can be a really fun way of gathering materials for this project while learning about the plants and wildlife along the way. Collect twigs, fallen petals, conkers, pebbles and stones to create miniature path ways, patios, trees, plants and flowers.

The collection of natural materials can also be painted in different colours to suit the garden theme - cosy autumnal colours are perfect for a country garden.

inspiration from nature for dolls house garden

A comfy patio with dolls house furniture

Bringing the wooden dolls house furniture outside into the new garden area creates lots of extra space for the dolls to play.

The table and chairs from the Sweetbee Dining Room set will furnish the new patio area perfectly, making it very cosy and relaxing. The coffee table from the Sweetbee Living Room makes a perfect side table to put the dolls' drinks on while they're relaxing and chatting to each other.

Little pieces of drift wood make a very cute decking area by sticking them onto the card in strips, or tiny pebbles make a wonderfully traditional stone patio.

The table and chairs are chunky and stable so they'll easily sit on the new patio or decking, and there's plenty of extra accessories in these Sweetbee sets to keep the dolls occupied while enjoying the outdoors!

dolls house patio with furniture

BBQ parties with dolls house furniture

Our dolls house furniture can also set the scene for barbeque parties. The oven from the Sweetbee Kitchen makes the perfect barbeque for al fresco dining, along with the table and chairs from the dining room, and extra stools from the kitchen for extra guests!

There's plenty of utensils and crockery for the whole party, and the fireplace from the Sweetbee Living Room can be a warming chiminea for the cooler evenings.

garden bbq with dolls house furniture

Relaxation & sun lounging for the dolls

The dolls will love having a space to relax in their very own garden, whether it's lounging in the sunshine or getting cosy in the chilly autumn evenings. Wooden lolly sticks or strips of drift wood make a perfect wooden decking area, and pieces of bark and dried petals can decorate the edge of the decking to create pretty little flower beds.

Our furniture and accessories will complete these areas perfectly; the sofas from the Sweetbee Living Room set create a comfy seating area, the books from the Children's Bedroom set provide exciting stories to read and the cakes from the Dining Room will give them a delicious bite to eat!

natural materials for dolls house garden

Keep creating!

There's no limit to how many outdoor spaces you can create for the dolls house, and these can be interchangeable or played with together for big adventures. Once the gardens are complete, have a go at making an extension with cereal boxes and cling film for windows! Or you can even draw a whole map of places to visit with roads and paths, creating a fun playmat.

garden fence drawing for dolls house