Miniature home-making with wooden dolls house furniture

playing with wooden dolls house furniture

Feels like home...

Wooden dolls house furniture sets the scene for a whole world of imaginative play and make-believe adventures.

Home is the most comforting and safe place little ones know, and a wooden dolls house adorned with furniture lets them create a miniature version of their favourite place in the world.

Placing the furniture in familiar places and creating familiar conversations for the dolls gives them a chance to explore real life scenarios and learn how to interact in those situations, while also expanding their imagination and creating new scenarios, all in the comfort of a miniature house that feels like home.

close up dolls house furniture

Playing out scenes and stories in their very own furnished dolls house is perfect practice for interacting in the real world. Playing with multiple dolls encourages children to think about how each character feels, how their actions affect the other dolls, and ways of communicating so the dolls can all enjoy themselves and play together. This helps develop empathy for others and an understanding of how people interact with each other in the real world.

The huge amounts of detail in our wooden dolls house furniture sets makes them feel so homely, feeling just like real accessories around the home. These details are ready to inspire so much creativity, and the additions of rugs, towels or duvets bring lots of extra textures to explore.

pretend play with dolls house furniture

New and exciting characters...

Children can have so much fun moving the furniture and accessories around, creating new rooms and homely adventures, in ways which are as similar or different to their own home as they wish! The dolls can become people they know and love in real life, become new and exciting characters, or a mixture of both!

Wooden dolls house furniture feels lovely and traditional, with a texture that's nice to the touch and durability that stands up to the demands of children's play time. The wipe-clean surface is perfect for young children and all of the wooden furniture that we offer is already constructed, so the sets are perfect for family life.

playing with wooden dolls house furniture close up

Play along with them...

When children are immersed in their own imaginative worlds, it's the perfect chance for mums and dads to share the fun.

Mum, dad, grandma or grandad can take the role of one of the dolls and become a character in the story, creating new scenarios and activities for the dolls, while taking the opportunity to interact with the little ones.

Chatting to children while they're playing lets them share the imaginative world with mum or dad, grandparents, siblings or friends, seeing lovely insight into their big imaginations and taking part in developing important skill-building along the way. Showing a doll reaching to the fridge to grab a bite to eat, or cooking dinner on the hob encourages children to think about those activities, and how they happen in real life.

While playing with dolls house furniture and dolls, children develop socially and mentally in so many ways. Talking and creating conversations develops speech and communication, creating the pretend worlds encourages and enhances imagination and creative thinking, problem solving and understanding of others' emotions - all of this just while having fun!