Printout Tea Party Accessories

We've made a selection of printout accessories that will make delightful additions to any children's tea party! These little extras can be printed out as many times as you like and the little ones can have lots of fun printing them out, cutting out the shapes and making each accessory.

A tea party wouldn't be a tea party without delicious tea, so we've made a pretty tea bag! Follow the steps below and the tea bag will be ready to brew in minutes!

tea party tea bag exampletea bag printout

  1. Click on the tea bag above to open a PDF
  2. The tea bag is already made to size, so just click print (printing on card works best)
  3. Cut out the tea bag and tab shapes
  4. Use a hole punch to put holes through the small circle templates
  5. Thread a piece of string through the hole in the tea bag and then up through the handle
  6. Tie the piece of string together behind the tab
  7. You can use a small piece of tape to stick the knot to the back of the tab if you wish
  8. Repeat this as many times as needed - the guests may like one each!

tea party printout invitation

Every successful tea party needs guests, whether they're friends, teddies or cuddly animals! So this fun themed invitation can be printed out and customised for each guest. Simply click on the invitation to open a PDF, click print as many times as you like, fill in the dotted lines and hand them out to the guests!

tea party printout name card

The little guests will love having special places that have been reserved just for them, so this printout name card can be printed out and customised for each guest and then placed around a picnic table or a blanket!

tea party printout thank you card

It's always polite to say a little thank you to your guests for coming to the party, so this printout thank you card can be customised for all of the friends, teddies and cuddly animals that kindly came to the party!