Professional Croquet Sets

As experts of Croquet we have designed our sets to be professional and to the highest quality allowing for a smooth and enjoyable game. Our professional sets include a full selection of equipment which has been designed with the highest quality materials which helps to add elegance to any croquet lawn. We offer two professional croquet sets; the Hurlingham and Challenger. Both come in varying storage options adding to the elegance of the set.

Both of these sets have been expertly designed to feature top quality equipment which is competition style. The mallets in both of the sets have brass branding, adding to the strength of the mallet heads. Our Hurlingham croquet set has round mallet heads whereas our Challenger croquet set features mallets with Square mallet heads. Square headed mallets are often used by croquet professionals as it allows the mallet to be stood up when lining up to take a shot.

Our professional sets include 16oz croquet balls which are regulation size and weight and are designed for durability and consistency. The sets also feature a hoop mallet with a rubber head which prevents any damage to the hoops when setting up the croquet lawn. Metal clips allow you to mark the last passed hoop which adds extra sophistication and quality to these sets.