Tea Party Planning

tea party planning

Our pretty wooden tea sets and kitchens are perfect for imaginative play and role play, and they're the perfect inspiration for real tea parties! Combining these playsets with real cups, plates and yummy food will make an exciting tea party for little ones and their friends to enjoy together.

Setting up a picnic with a blanket, adorned with delicious tea party snacks and drinks will transform their imaginative play into a real life tea party. The little ones can bring their play kitchen sets and accessories to the picnic, pretending to prepare the food and drinks for their friends, while the grown-ups can help out by preparing the real party snacks!

Below is a list of party planning tips to make their tea party really special...


First of all the little host of the upcoming tea party needs to invite their friends and family along. We've made a tea party invitation printout for you, so you can print it out as many times as you like!

tea party invitation

Party Preparations

If it's a pretty Spring or Summer's day, having the party in the garden will get the younsters out in the fresh air and is the perfect setting for a garden picnic. On the day of the party, you'll be laying a blanket out on the grass, so having some pretty decorations and accessories ready to lay on the blanket will be very exciting for the little host and the guests. Making the guests their very own name place cards is a lovely touch, and they'll love finding their name as they go to sit down with their friends. We've made a special name place card below that you can print out as many times as you like, and your child can then fill in their friends' names on the dotted lines.

children's tea party name place card

Tea Party Decorations

Decorating the garden or home ready for the tea party will make it feel really special for everyone! You can use bunting, tinsel or garlands to hang from trees and tie balloons to the trees or fences. If the tea party is to celebrate a birthday, customised birthday banners and balloons look very exciting, too. The decorations will create a beautiful setting for the tea party games and imaginative play to commence!

Tea Party Games

tea party games

If your youngsters do have play kitchen sets, these are brilliant playtime inspiration for inventing imaginative games, and these games will keep them occupied for hours during the party! They'll love using their very own tea cups and teapots to make delightful play refreshments for their friends, and combined with real snacks and drinks that the grown-ups bring to the picnic, they'll be having a really exciting real-life tea party. Each play kitchen set within our range include lots of pieces and there are many sets to collect, so there's plenty of accessories for children and their friends to explore.

The Le Toy Van Honeybake Tea Set, for example, includes a tea tray, tea cups, a milk jug, tea pot and a fabric cake with strawberries on top, so there's lots of different pieces to play with, and the youngsters can have fun making yummy afternoon tea for their friends. If you'd like to see this set, please click here.

tea party games

Imaginative play is a really special experience for children, as it opens up a world of creativity and lets them create lots of make-believe games. This is particularly precious when sharing these imaginative games with friends, as they can chat and discuss how the games and make-believe adventures should pan out, which encourages really important communication skills.

Having an exciting setting such as an organised tea party with decorations, food, drinks and games, creates a really exciting atmosphere for them to delve into imaginative play with their friends and family.

As well as tea pots, cups, plates and play food, we've also got a range of whole play kitchens that would suit a tea party wonderfully. The little ones can take in turns cooking lunches and baking cakes using the hobs and ovens, and with the additions of fridges, microwaves and washing machines, they can all take part in lots of home-making activities! If you'd like to have a browse through our kitchen sets, please click here.

If you'd like to take a look at the play kitchen accessories shown in the images above, please click here.

Tea Party Snacks and Refreshments

tea party cupcakes

There are lots of different party games and activities that the children will love to play at their special tea party. A fun activity that's easy to set up but really fun for the kids, is to make fresh biscuits or cakes the day before the party, and then the little ones can use their creativity to decorate them. Icing is a brilliantly versatile topping as you can use lots of different coloured food dyes and shape cutters. Sprinkles, smarties and raisins are also great additions to make them even yummier! The pretty cupcakes shown in the image above have been made by Mum2Monsters - we love the icing flowers and princess wand!

A tea party wouldn't be a real tea party without some fun snacks and refreshments, so some delightful sandwiches to accompany the afternoon tea would be very delicious! Sandwiches, sausage rolls, sliced up cucumber and carrots with some dip are the sorts of snacks that are quick and simple to prepare. They're also not messy so they're easy to pick from a buffet table and then eaten while on a picnic blanket!

Thank you notes

After all the party fun is over, it's a lovely idea to thank the guests for their company, so we've designed a thank you note that can be printed out as many times as you like, and the little party host can fill in their friends' names to personalise them!

tea party thank you note