Townsend Croquet Sets

Our range of Townsend Croquet is very popular, which offers a 6 player croquet set as well as different storage options.

The Townsend Croquet sets include all of the equipment needed to play, all of which has been designed to a high quality and specification. Each croquet mallet has an octagonal shaft which is popular with experienced and professional players as it enables them to have a better grip for better shots during play. The mallets also have a cushioned grip to provide comfort during play.

The Townsend range also includes croquet balls which weigh 16oz and measure 9.2cm in diameter. These are perfect for more experienced players as they are regulation weight and size and have been designed to withstand hours of play.

With the different storage types available this range makes an ideal gift or the perfect practice set for experienced or professional players. The Townsend range fits well into our selection available and is a great value set yet made to a high specification.