Toy Kitchen Accessories

Toy Kitchen Accessories

Our range of toy kitchen accessories will bring lots of cooking and baking adventures to little ones' play time, and are perfect for use with any of our toy kitchens. Including pots and pans, utensils, baking sets with oven gloves and measuring spoons, and lots more exciting pieces, these sets are ready to open a whole world of home-making activities!

These sets are so detailed and include lots of different pieces so they can be used on their own for fun compact play or can be combined with our toy kitchens to create a complete set. The Le Toy Van range of kitchen accessories are brightly painted in beautiful colours to create a fun retro look, and include lots of small accessories as well as larger play sets such as the Mixer Set and the Weighing Scales. As well as learning baking skills, the little ones can also make their own shops with the Le Toy Van accessories. The Honeybee collection includes a Market Stall and lots of food baskets to collect, and can also be combined with the Cash Register that comes with play money and a wooden receipt.

Combining these sets will make a really fun play kitchen; there are lots of play food baskets to choose from as well as crockery, utensils and mini play appliances. The budding chef can prepare yummy fruit smoothies in the blender, cook a delicious pizza in the oven, lay biscuits out on a pretty plate and serve them to their lucky guests on the Tea Tray or Breakfast Tray!

Toy Kitchen Accessories 2

Our wooden kitchen accessories have a beautiful and traditional quality, offering long lasting play and providing warming textures for little ones to touch, while we also have a selection of stainless steel accessories includes in some of the sets, which are equally as long lasting and feel just as realistic as the real pots and pans at home!

Each playset has been designed with lots of details so they feel really realistic and remind the little ones of the accessories they'd see around the home. There's plenty of accessories within each set to offer variety, and include lots of unique features to encourage coordination and dexterity. The Toaster Set includes a piece of bread that pops out of the toaster with a button, and the butter is in two pieces that stick together with Velcro and can be sliced apart using the butter knife. This helps the youngsters develop important hand-eye coordination and learn how to handle different sized and shaped objects.

Many of the pieces include durable Velcro to imitate food being sliced and the miniature wooden gadgets such as the Cash Register and Weighing Scales include fun realistic features that encourage children to interact with them, while also being perfect for playing with other accessories - for example you can combine the play food with the Cash Register, and the children will instantly have their very own shop or market stall where they can pretend to sell yummy foods.