Toy Kitchens | Children's Play Kitchens

Toy Kitchens

Our handpicked collection of beautiful toy kitchens will inspire lots of exciting play for your little home-makers!

Including whole kitchen sets with combined cookers, fridges and sinks, or individual play units that can be added to any play kitchen, our range will inspire a whole world of home-making adventures!

All of our childrens play kitchens are made with high quality, durable wood and are designed to withstand the rigours of enthusiastic play, ensuring each piece is long lasting and reliable.

The little home-makers can have lots of fun cooking delicious feasts or tidying away the dishes after fun tea parties, and each of our playsets will inspire them to learn all about the different rules of the kitchen. The play fridge can teach them how to store food and why we keep certain foods in different places, while the children's cooker will inspire them to have fun with their imaginations and create their own fun recipes!

Toy Kitchens

Our individual play kitchen units are perfect for adding to any play kitchen and feature handy carry handles for portability; ideal when moving to different rooms for tea parties or birthday parties! These individual pieces make wonderful solo units that offer lots of activities, or can be combined with other units to make beautiful toy kitchens.

Our all-in-one childrens play kitchens, such as the Teamson Rose Cottage Kitchen and Tidlo Country Play Kitchen offer complete sets that include a sink, fridge, freezer, cooker, storage cupboards for their kitchen accessories and pretty shelving units.

Children love pretend play, it opens up a whole world of imagination where the possibilities are endless. Little ones love imitating mummy and daddy, school teachers or siblings as they are wonderful role models and have a huge influence on their childhood, so toys that celebrate and encourage this kind of play are so exciting. With a play kitchen they can pretend to cook like mummy and daddy and serve delicious meals for their family, while also learning about different foods and the types of cooking and baking that different foods need.

We also have lots of different accessories to suit our toy kitchens, including play food, pots and pans, baking sets and utensils. All of our kitchen accessories can be used with any of our play kitchens as the sizes are all designed to the same scale, so you (or your little ones) can pick and choose!

We love toys that are traditional and timeless, which is why we have handpicked a beautiful range of play kitchens that are all made with wood. Traditional wooden toys have a certain charm that are wonderful to touch and give little ones comfortable textures to feel, while also lasting for a very long time so the imaginative play is endless!