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Ahoy me hearties! Our selection of toy pirate ships include lots of different features and movable gadgets to inspire plenty of inspiring hands-on play time. Each of our toy pirate ships is painted with bright and exciting colours to maximise imaginative play and we also have a whole range of figures to create a whole crew of 'hearties'.

All of our toy pirate ships are made with thick durable wood for long lasting quality, and this makes them easy for little hands to grip so the little ones can have lots of fun moving the figures around and exploring the fun features.

With fabric sails, crossed swords motifs, rigging, cannons, anchors and even trap doors, the little captains will love their new toy pirate ships! There's lots of exciting accessories that work manually, such as turning helms, trap doors, wind-up anchors, opening sterns and cannons, developing and encouraging important coordination and dexterity skills.

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Made with high quality wood, our range of pirate ships have a wonderful timeless charm that will make sure they are treasured for many years to come, and are sure to be passed down to new generations. With different sizes to choose from, there's a perfect pirate ship for every home, and the variety of different features will inspire a whole 'kingdom' of imaginative adventures for children of all ages.

We also have a selection of pirates and buccaneers to set sail on these exciting pirate ships, including Pirate Budkins and Buccaneers Budkins. These wooden figures with flexible arms and legs are ready for lots of swashbuckling adventures and will bring these pirate ships to life!