Children's Wooden Dolls Houses

Children's Wooden Dolls Houses

Welcome to Big Game Hunters' beautiful selection of children's wooden dolls houses.

We have carefully hand-picked our selection to provide you with the highest quality, and most inspiring toys for your little ones.

Each dolls house within our range has been beautifully hand-painted in a variety of gorgeous colours and designs with incredible attention to detail, encouraging and inspiring imaginative play.

Our selection of children's dolls houses are designed to encourage the little ones to explore their imaginations and treasure their wonderful creativity. Each and every miniature home features unique detailing to create an enchanting world in which lots of exciting fantasies can take place.

Children's dolls houses are wonderful sources of imaginative play and creativity, immersing the little ones into a whole world of exciting role-play adventures and sparking lots of fun, while also providing beautiful, timeless toys that can be treasured forever. Each wooden dolls house is made from high quality wood to create a robust and durable structure that not only looks beautiful, but is also long-lasting and can be enjoyed for many, many years.

Our wooden dolls houses are made from high quality, strong wood that has been sourced responsibly from sustainable and maintained forests. We are very proud of our commitment to environmentally-friendly production and every care is taken to ensure an ethical process.

We have a large variety of children's wooden dolls houses of all different shapes and sizes, and each design has their own unique features. The selection of different styles and sizes means that you can choose the best design for your children's bedroom or playroom.

Our medium sized options offer a wonderful balance of ample space for creating lots of imaginative playtime with an array of exciting features to explore, without taking up too much room in the home. Each house within this range includes three floors with divided rooms and themed decor to create a comfortable home for the dolls.

Our selection of children's dolls houses also feature small and compact designs for the smaller bedroom or home, offering a convenient and modest size. Each house within this range comes with its very own exclusive furniture set that furnishes the entire house beautifully. The Le Toy Van Sweetheart Cottage wooden dolls house is a beautiful compact house with pastel pink and white detailing and flower prints, and also includes over 20 pieces of furniture.

Each wooden dolls house has a product description which details the included accessories and furniture, and if you wish to add extra furniture, we have a whole selection dedicated to offering a large choice of exciting accessories.

Wooden toys are brilliant for developing and encouraging a variety of different skills. The skills that are inspired and developed during imaginative play are so valuable for their younger years, and will last a lifetime. While children play with creative toys, their big imaginations are let free and they can explore all sorts of different adventures and stories. Whether they are imitating actions they see in real life or characters from story books, the children are exploring their creativity and making their very own tales.

The pretty little details within each divided room are designed to replicate the types of styles and decorations they would be familiar with in the family home. While the children are playing with their wooden dolls house, they can move and position their furniture and dolls to create a miniature world of their dreams, and copy the routines and activities they're familiar with at home. This encourages the children to learn and explore social interaction, creating stories for the dolls to take part in and learning about the world around them.

Our wooden dolls houses allow more than one child to play at the same time, with the large open doors that open up a world in which the kids can share and take part in each other's imaginative games.

This interaction between the children during play is perfect for helping them to learn and develop important communication skills. Exciting discussions about the doll family's plans for the day and the adventures they'll take, or the fun rearranging of the furniture and decorating of the house, encourages children to talk to each other, whether talking on behalf of the dolls or to each other, using speech and visual communication.

Adding furniture and accessories creates a world in which the children can play and explore any make-believe stories that they wish, and the beauty of imaginative play with a wooden doll house, is that every single time they open up the doors, a new world awaits them!

Dolls houses are more than just toys; they are special worlds that capture children's minds, inspiring educational play that also creates bundles of fun! The durable and chunky nature of each miniature home is perfect for little hands that are starting to develop balance and coordination. The soft and gentle texture of the wood is comfortable to feel and hold, making them perfectly practical and safe.

The timeless charm and ability to withstand the tests of time will make that special wooden dolls house a perfect gift for your special little one.