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family playing zoom games on laptop

Play Online: Virtual Christmas Games

Playing games with the family or friends can be a big tradition at Christmas for many. With the various restrictions in place, this Christmas may look and feel a little different for many – but that does not mean that this joyful tradition has to be binned this year. Get […]

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Snowman Drive: Family Christmas Games

Snowman drive is a festive take on a classic dice game. Simple to play with just one or two people or even as a group. The game also lends itself very well to a quiet evening game over a video link up. We have even come up with some ideas […]

people decorating a cookie

Festive Tasting: Family Christmas Games

Nothing beats the tastes and scents of Christmas. Fresh satsumas, freshly baked gingerbread and spicy cinnamon… an absolute festive dream. This Festive Tasting Family Christmas game is the perfect excuse to indulge on those Christmassy treats. Guess the treats you’re smelling and tasting (while blindfolded!), in this Festive Tasting Family […]

man in white sweater carrying girl in red shirt

Scavenger Hunt: Family Christmas Games

A scavenger hunt is such a brilliantly adaptable game. It can be played with very little equipment (so easy to start at short notice when a game is desperately needed). Scavenger hunts have been played by many age groups for decades. This one is even possible to play with people […]

green jelly on a plate

The Jelly Game: Family Christmas Games

If you are feeling in the Christmas spirit and want to get down to a fun silly game – this one’s for you and your family. It is the perfect game to get people away from the tv. We would probably recommend it for Boxing Day after lunch – as […]

snowman holding shovel

Snow Shovel Race: Family Christmas Games

Looking for a quick and easy family game using simple items that you have lying around your house? Let’s bring the winter inside and have some family fun. The snow shovel race game will get everyone moving and work off some of that Christmas indulgence! If you are looking for […]

Campfire Games

Campfire Games: Ten Great Games for the whole family

With the pace of modern life it is very likely you will find the simple pleasures of campfire games very therapeutic. Sit round the fire and enjoy these 10 terrific campfire games we have compiled. If camping isn’t really your thing – you can ‘make a camp’ in your living […]

child playing rainbow ball run
Group Games

Rainbow Ball Run: Wide Group Games for Toddlers

Finding easy and fun games to entertain toddlers can be tricky, especially if you are hosting a party or family event where you need to keep the little ones entertained for a reasonable length of time. This is a really fun and simple toddler group game. Entertaining Groups of Toddlers […]

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Out and About

Spring Nature Trail

A great way to turn an afternoon walk into a fun adventure activity is to go on a Spring Nature Trail. Winter is almost over and although spring doesn’t technically begin until March 20th, if you go looking in the right places, you’ll start seeing changes in the trees, flowers […]