Funny Basketball Videos

Amazing Basketball Videos

Just for fun, we have collected together the most amusing and awesome basketball videos that the internet has to offer!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and have a scroll through these – they are sure to brighten up your afternoon!

And of course,,,we would put a ‘do not try this at home’ tag on the first of these videos!

The first one is an amazing collection of ball tricks using trampolines and impressive acrobatics. Made by the purveyor of action filmography Devin Graham.

It is worth taking a look at all his videos as there are some truly amazing stunts and videos in his collection….


Possibly the weirdest basketball related video we found – words cannot describe…(warning: this video may induce nightmares)


I think this may be one of the cutest basketball videos we found!


And just because we know most of you are suckers for an animal doing something unusual…


That is probably enough larking around for one day – if you have any of your own cool/funny/weird/interesting basketball videos send them to us!