Ballie Ballerson: Adult Ball Pits

London is renowned for many things, including its variety of quirky, alternative bars and clubs which make a refreshing change from the usual same-old night out.

You might have a special event coming up, or perhaps you’re just ready to avoid the local pub you’ve been visiting for years. Regardless of the reason, try something new and let our play expert introduce you to Ballie Ballerson.

Ballie ballerson the adult ball pit party venue

Ballie Ballerson is the original world famous ball pit bar, currently with 2 venues in London; Shoreditch and Soho.

I say that the 2 bars are “world famous” because they are. But don’t worry if you hadn’t heard of Ballie Ballerson before now, I hadn’t until a few months ago (we are keeping with the times, I promise).

Ballie Ballerson: The Experience

What To Expect

cocktail, dip dab sweet, nostalgic drink

You’re best off pre-booking tickets to secure a timed slot. Entry starts from £6.20 however there are other packages available, such as VIP tables or Bottomless Brunch.

The Bottomless Brunch entitles you to a 2 hour session of bottomless balls with the first 90 minutes including unlimited Pornstar Martinis, fizz and pizza. You’ll get your money’s worth for sure!

Once at the venue, the “ballers” of your group might be happy to jump straight into the action. However, if like me you’d rather get your bearings first, you can gather up some Dutch courage while sipping on a nostalgic “Dibbie Dabberson” cocktail before jumping into the thick of it.

**A Dibbie Dabberson is one of their signature cocktails. Think strawberry gin and cranberry juice with a nostalgic Dip Dab on the side. One for those among us with a sweet tooth.

the bar at ballie ballerson the adult ball pit experience

Ballie Ballerson: The Ball Pits

After you’ve finished a cocktail (or three) you’ll be ready to hit the pits (ball pits that is). Both bars (Shoreditch and Soho) house 2 large themed ball pits which can be entered via steps, ladder or fireman’s pole.

We went in the glowing ball pit which is lit from underneath using neon LED lights that seem to change colour in time with the music.

The feeling is like nothing else, one moment you’re floating on top of a sea of balls and the next thing you know you’re getting totally absorbed and going under!

Looking around the room, everyone was smiling and laughing, apart from when they were posing for their next Instagram post. Although they can’t be blamed, the place is very Instagram-able.

Even though there were a lot of party-goers there, we all had enough room to mess around without taking too many balls to the head!

ball pit, bright colour balls

My Thoughts

I had a great time, as did the group I was with. It’s certainly something different to do which is what we were after.

If you’re thinking of going (or after reading this you’re already on their website booking tickets) the likelihood is that you’ll be going on a weekend. If that’s the case, I would certainly recommend the Bottomless Brunch. You can arrive early to sample their nostalgic bar menu, then once your timed session begins, you’ll fully benefit from continuous table service and your precious ball pit time won’t be spent queuing at the bar.