The golden generation of basketball

Basketball the ‘Golden Generation’

The sport of basketball is becoming more and more popular, here we look into what makes this such a growing trend in the UK.

The Olympics probably seem a whole world away now, but this means Rio Olympics are just around the corner. Although seen as a predominantly American sport, over the years Basketball has grown in the UK and is tipped to continue doing so.

The GB Basketball Chairman Roger Mooreland told BBC Sport:

“There is a golden generation coming through. When we received funding [in February] we were not looking at being medallists in Rio, but in 2020 and we have a pipeline of talent coming through the under-16s, 18s and 20s which is really exciting.”

Basketball Game

The 2012 London Olympics was the first time Britain had entered a team since the Olympics was last hosted in Britain in 1948. Now, almost 300,000 people are thought to be involved in the sport every month in the UK and it is growing.

There are many reasons why the game is so popular and we have summarised the main points below:

  • It is a fast-paced game – full of excitement and strong competition. Games will switch from one team to the next and the spectators are usually kept on the edge of their seats.
  • The game involves a lot of different skills; coordination, balance, running, jumping and general fitness as well as accuracy and explosive reactions.
  • As a team sport, it can help teach good sportsmanship as well as communication as you need to work well as a team to win games.
  • Getting involved at club level promotes a sense of community and teams are often involved in a lot of social events.
  • It is easy to practise the basic skills at home without the need for expensive equipment.

A lot of parks now have basketball nets, but if you or your children want to play at home all you really need are a hoop and ball.

Games can be played with two teams using the same net or hoop so you don’t even require a full court, it is this simplicity which makes the sport popular. Basketball hoops and backboards start at such a low amount and the beauty of this type of equipment is it doesn’t require a huge amount of space. Just screw one onto your wall and your children can start shooting hoops in no time. To view a wide range of basketball equipment just click here.

Beeball Basketball

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