Darts Games for Kids

Dart Games for Kids

Dart Games for kids

Have you every played darts with your kids? It’s a game for slightly inebriated teams in pubs surely? Suprisingly dart games can teach kids a lot.

How can darts benefit my children?

Dart games have the duel benefit of being fun and improving childrens’ hand eye coordination. This can then be transferred into other sports and day to day activities. You can learn more about the importance of “fine” motor coordination in children here. Fine motor coordination involves small movements such as the synchronisation of the hands and fingers, something darts makes heavy use of.

Deciding on a Kids Dart Board

If you don’t already have a dartboard there are a number of specifications to consider when buying one. These include the material, wiring, depth and whether or not you want a bladed bullseye to secure the darts.

You may however be looking something a bit simpler/cheaper just for the kids. You can find a list of some of the best kid-friendly dart boards from dartsguide blog.
It is important to consider the age of the players and the safety aspect of playing with darts. The weight of the darts will make a difference if you have younger children playing. For the youngest players you will probably want to look at a magnetic or velcro board.

Once you have a board you can check out our favourite kids dart board games below.

dart board games for children

Dart Games: first to achieve a score

clock for playing dartboard games with
  • Around the clock – Two players take turns alternating after two throws each, attempting to hit every number on the board in order between 1-20. The objective is to be the first player to reach 20.
  • Chase the dragon – The objective is to hit the all treble segments (the inner most green and red ring) from 10-20, then the outer bull followed by the bull respectively. The victor is the first to hit all 12 treble segments in order.
  • Prisoner –  Hit a dart at each point from 1-20 in a clockwise direction. If each player can remember the number they left off at the last time they threw then no scoring is required. The game is best played with 5 people. You decide the order by having each player throw towards the bullseye. Closest to the bullseye goes first.
  • Hare and hounds – A two players game, one assigned as the hare, the other being the hound. The hare begins on 20 whilst the hound starts on 5 and attempts to catch up as each player aims to strike each point around the board in a clockwise direction. If the hare makes it back to 20 without being caught they win. However if the hare catches the hound on the way round, it is the hound that wins.

Dart Board Games: Elimination

close up of a dart in a dartboard
  • Sudden death – This is a short and sweet game ideal for lots of players. Each player gets 3 throws to score as many points as they can, with the lowest scorer facing elimination each round. Continue until you find the winner.
  • Killer – A game best played with multiple players, each player randomly draws from a collection of numbers between 1-20. Each player’s name and number and recorded. Each player gets 3 darts each. The aim is to hit the double of your number 3 times, in order to become a killer. Once you’ve achieved this, you have the opportunity to aim for another player’s double. If you are successful in doing so, they lose a life. If you miss and hit your own number’s double whilst throwing as a killer, you lose a life. Once you’ve run out of lives, you’re out.
Dartboard with dart on the bullseye

Try playing some of these games with the kids and the rest of the family. We are sure you will have a great time whilst improving your game. If you know any great games to play with kids on a dart board let us know @theplayexperts .