Kids Den

Kids Den Building: making a den from boxes

Making a kids den is one of the most enjoyable activities to do as a child because they are versatile. Whether it be for reading, drawing, defending from invaders, hiding or just chilling out, taking over a part of the house or making your own fort in the garden; den building is an excellent way to get creative. Moreover it gives you a chance to use some craft skills!

Dens don’t need to be complicated and in this article we explain how to make one from cardboard boxes.

Box Den

If you ever find the house filled with empty cardboard boxes from a recent birthday or after Christmas, they can always be put to good use, being the perfect material for making your living room the cardboard capital of the house.

If you don’t have any boxes in the house take a look at some more creative ideas you can use to get them for free here.

Please use adult supervision because you don’t want to hurt yourself with sharp objects!

Kids Den Building: Making the basic structure of your den

  1. Pick out a main room

    Use the largest box to act as the main room in your den. Make sure you use suitably large boxes for all stages of making your den as you don’t want to be uncomfortable sitting in it.

  2. Remove the flaps on the top of the box

    Keep them straight because you may use them later.

  3. Use two flaps of the same width as the box to meet in the middle.

    You can either use the flaps from your original box or cut these out of another box and then tape them onto the top of the main box. In either case make sure they are the same length because you don’t want the roof to be crooked.

  4. Finish the roof

    Cut triangular pieces to go at the front and back of the roof. Tape it all together.

  5. Make the door

    Mark out your door at the front of the house using the edge of the box as a hinge. Cut out in three places and then fold the door into shape.

There is a great article on Wikihow which explains how to expand the den.

Kids Den Building: Finishing off your box fort

Bright red coloured paper

When you have the main structure of your den formed you then have the option of decorating it. You can use some colourful paper to give the inside a nice ambience. Cut the paper to size to fit the walls of the box and then use box tape to hold it in place.

To make sitting in the den more comfortable fill the floor with large cushions or pillows.

Decorating the outside of your fort or den will allow your child the opportunity to express themselves. You can use more colourful paper, crayons or cut out windows to let more light into the main room.

On the whole, with a little bit of time and effort you will be able to create a kids den which will be both hour of fun whilst looking great!

Kids Den Building Inspiration

Here’s some Insta-inspiration for your carboard box den building escapades.

Made your own den? Don’t forget to share it with us – take some photos of you kids den building adventures and make sure you tag @theplayexperts .