Your Little Experts

As we haveĀ been in the outdoor toy and sports industries for many years we all know that the most important people in the whole game are the little people who we create and sell and you buy these games and toys for…

That is why we have created a whole section especially for them.


Want your child to be one of our ‘Little Experts’?

So how can your child become a Play Expert ‘Little Expert’? It is easy.

Just send us something they have done or said to do related to our play equipment or outdoor play in general, and we will publish it right here on the blog for you and your family to be extremely proud of them!

Email entries to:

Subject Line: My Little Expert


What Kind of Stuff?


Well it could be anything really, here are some ideas:

A video or picture of them playing with one of our toys or games

A game they have created or adapted from our play equipment

e.g. a funny game they have made up on one of our trampolines

A picture they have drawn of outdoor play/games

A model they have created of play equipment or a scene or game they have played or would like to play



What are they thinking?


If you have bought something from our website we want to know what they think – after all you know they deserve to be one of our ‘Little Experts’…

Take a sound clip or video of their thoughts on one of our games or play equipment.

People love to know what is going on inside a chid’s head – it is usually a mystery to most to enlighten us all to the genius in your child right here.

Have they said something perfectly genius recently that relates to some game they have been playing or an activity they have been doing? Get a picture and send us the written quote.

Whatever it isĀ we want to see or hear about it!

Share your child’s genius moments with us and they will receive a special ‘I’m a Little Expert’ certificate.