morrocan dinner party spread in colourful bowls

How to Host a Moroccan Dinner Party

Thinking of hosting a dinner party? One of our play experts, Hayley shows you how to add a little spice to your evening with a Moroccan themed dinner party.

Moroccan lamp that is glowing with low level lighting

Transport your friends to Morocco for the evening!

I’ve always enjoyed attending parties, especially dinner parties. They’re such a laugh; catching up with your closest friends while in the comfort of their home. Remember to bring your slippers as there are no heels required – your feet will thank you!

Hosting your own dinner party can be just as fun; it doesn’t need to be stressful and adding a theme can give the evening an exciting twist.

Moroccan Dinner Party: Setting the Scene

Last month it was our turn to host. We wanted to pick a nationality for our theme and to also push ourselves from our comfort zone. We’re familiar with Spanish cuisine from previous holidays (and Italian from eating out too often) so we decided to try Moroccan.

Setting the scene wasn’t too tricky. Moroccan interior consists of beautiful fabrics, rugs and tapestry, bursting with bright, vibrant colours.

Unfortunately our local market isn’t as exotic as a Marrakesh Souk so we couldn’t get our hands on something authentic. In the end we settled for an old red duvet cover – so simple! This also kept the party costs down.

Moroccan fabrics hung up. Bright, vibrant colours

We placed lamps around the room which provided low level lighting, along with an incense stick ready to burn by the front door and created a Moroccan playlist for the background music.

If you’re stuck for music ideas, check out this Moroccan Sounds Spotify playlist.

Moroccan Dinner Party: Food

Sugar, spice and all things nice!

Next on the agenda, and most importantly, was the menu. Fortunately my mum is a massive foodie (she’d want me to add that she’s not a massive woman) and she explained that I had to spice my main course with ras el hanout. It’s a blend of particular warm spices that are widely used in North African cuisine.

I opted for ras el hanout grilled chicken. There are plenty of recipes online such as this one I found on Feasting at Home here.

moroccan dinner party starter of roasted peppers

I served the chicken with Moroccan couscous mixed with fresh vegetables and chickpeas. You can find a whole host of different Moroccan side dishes, along with much more culinary inspiration here.

Moroccan couscous with vegetables

For the dessert I baked a traditional homemade Moroccan cake called a Meskouta. A lot of squeezed orange juice goes into this cake making it both sweet yet fresh. You can find a good recipe here.

Of course if you wanted to keep your dinner party more stress-free, you could ‘do a Dee’ (Dee is my mum) and only cook the main course. You can ask your guests to bring along the starter or dessert (and a bottle, but that goes without saying).

pouring wine at a moroccan dinner party

Moroccan Dinner Party: The Result

The dinner party was a real success and our friends really got into the spirit, turning up wearing their own Fez hats, who knew that many of us had them lying around!

As the night draws to a natural end, it can be a nice touch to give guests some Moroccan mint tea. It works as a refreshing palate cleanser and could also prevent the next days hangover. Prevention is better than cure after all!