the avengers endgame movie game

Movie Games: Avengers Endgame

Avengers: The Endgame Game

The ultimate movie game tournament – the Avengers Movie Game. Play as a couple or in teams. This is suitable for older children, teenagers and adults.


To capture/win as many of the ‘Infinity Stones’. Play for one or play to see who can get the most.


The ‘Stones’ can be created using actual stones, pebbles or by using your imagination. For example, the time stone could be a watch, the power stone a plug etc.

You will need:

  1. The Infinity Stones. The ‘Stones’ can be created using actual stones or pebbles with the words or a picture drawn on. If you don’t fancy hunting in the garden for stones, use colour coded gems or objects or use your imagination.
    Our suggestions for the stones would be;
    – Space stone “green”: a star,
    – Time stone “blue”: a watch or clock
    – Power stone “purple”: an extension lead or plug
    – Reality stone “red”: a fake eye or pair of glasses
    – Mind stone “yellow”: a dictionary
    – Soul stone “orange”: fried chicken
  2. Space Themed Sweets. If you can find them, sherbet flying saucers are a good option – they need to be quite light whatever you choose.
  3. Paper Bags and Sticky Tape.
  4. Paper Straws. You could use plastic ones of course, if you have them already but we would recommend paper if you need to go out and buy some (or save a couple if you happen to be in a fast food restaurant!)
  5. Pen and Paper. Enough for everyone to have their own.
  6. Stop Watch. For keeping time – you can use a timer on your phone, an egg timer or just a clock with a second hand.

How to play

Each of the infinity stones has a game or challenge attached to it. You could easily play the Avengers movie game as a couple or in teams depending on how many people are playing.

You can play the Avengers Movie Game like a tournament, so you may want to create a big score board to keep a tally.

Space Stone

Tape two paper bags to the end of a dining table or coffee table. If you don’t have a suitable table you can do this on the floor. You can tape the bags to the floor so they resemble goals.

Each player takes a straw, a flying saucer and starts at the designated start line.

Using your straw you need to blow your flying saucer along until they go into the bags at the end.

When you have one in, go back to the start and do another and so on. Set a timer and see who can bag the most sweets in the time allowed. You can run this as a relay if you are playing in teams.

Please Note: sucking is cheating – this game is all about blowing.

Using air to move the sweets that is 😉

paper bag and straws for the movie game

Mind Stone

Challenge each team with the mind bending brain teasers. If you have a large team you can each nominate a player to partcipate. The team who answers the most correctly wins. Time each team or player to see how long it takes them to get the correct answer – this way if each team get the same number correct you can award the team who answered quickest. You can find more teasers if you want to lengthen the game using the link further down…

What can be seen once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

reveal answer

The letter ‘M’

I’m not alive, but have five fingers – what am I?

reveal answer

A glove

It only increases – never decreases. What is it?

reveal answer

Our age

What gets wet when it is drying?

reveal answer

A towel

I exist only when there is light but direct light kills me. What am I?

reveal answer

A shadow

People buy me to eat, but never eat me. What am I?

reveal answer

A plate

If you would like to extend this part of the game click here for a whole website dedicated to brain teasers and mind games.

Time Stone

This Avengers Movie Game Time Stone is all about the timing (funnily enough).

Playing in Teams

If you are playing in teams, then each team nominates a player. Or you can also play a relay e.g. each player needs to do a certain number before passing to the next player.

Playing in Pairs

If there is just two of you – you can play to beat eachother or the clock if you want more of a challenge. We would say a 1 minute timer should give a sufficient challenge

How to Play

Take a bowl of Cheerios or pasta shapes (Cheerios make this harder), an empty bowl and a pair of chopsticks (if two are playing against eachother you will need two with equal numbers of cheerios or pasta shapes in).

Simply move the pieces from one bowl to the other before the other team player – or just before the clock reaches the time limit. It’s harder than it looks!

Girl playing game with chopsticks

Reality Stone

Get a bucket and ask everyone playing to write down places and people they know and fold them up and place them in. You can use a tin or a basket if that’s easier.

One player is nominated from each team for this game. If there is only a couple of you playing you can take it in turns to describe to eachother.

Using a stop watch the player has a minute to describe as many people or places to their teammates without saying the words on the paper.

The winner is the one whose team guess the most correctly.

If you are playing as a couple then it’s the guessing correctly that counts here too – but you win points for all the names the other person guesses (not the other way round). So if you are describing, you get a point if your opponent guesses on correctly (no sly pretending-not-to-know here please – play fair!)

pencil and notepad paper for game

Power Stone

We have two ideas to win this stone in the Avengers Movie Game.

Operation – the classic game

So surgeons can have all the power, and in this game you need to extract teeny bits of plastic without getting an electric shock. You know the game – if you have it then this is the perfect way to win the ‘Power Stone’. If you don’t have it you can find one here or play our other game idea below.

Who’s Got the Power?

Cue for you to start singing Snap “I’ve got the power”… (we know you can’t resist).

Taking your nominated ‘Power Stone’ object, one player sets a timer on their phone (or a kitchen timer will work) without telling people how long it has been set for.

Everyone sits in a circle – alternating between teams so no two team players are sat next to eachother.

Taking the object (or a substitute if you don’t feel it is suitable) pass it around the circle. Then the player who is holding it when the buzzer goes off wins. It is also worth mentioning that nobody is allowed to hold onto it for more than 10 seconds – therefore the other players can count down each time a new player is holding it thus adding to the drama.

You play ‘winner drop out’ – so the person who wins gains a point for their team and then leaves the circle until all the players on one team has won. You can also decide how many rounds you are going to play – it is up to you.

Soul Stone

This is a Soul Music quiz. The lyrics of these famous soul songs have all been translated into Japanese and back again. Grab a pen and try and write down your answers and the one who gets the most right wins!

You will get one point for the song name and another for the artist.

Soul Stone Quiz Lyrics

Re-Translated Soul Lyrics
1. Being last, my love appears and the is. It ended my lonely day. And life seems like song
2. Stop break my center with name of love before you. Think of that. Think of that.
3. Road jack and don’t, Hit above this above this, above this and above this it does not return
4. Exactly where it sits down in the dry dock of the bay which makes time wasteful
5. When the person loves the woman, doing the wrongdoing of her no where, he goes and, is not he never owning the girl other, it goes, it is not
6. Refreshing I, I me am good so, therefore it is good, me you knew that you obtain
7. The sunlight it is not she’s when; and she’s which go; which always she departs goes excessively long
8. You are moved by me, you are moved by me who are done like the natural woman, you do me whom you make me moved
9. Only boy who can reach to me was the son of the preachment person
10. As for me that I pass May, outside being cool, when being, the sunlight of the day when it becomes cloudy was obtained
11. As for people, It prepares; the train of a coming; The necessity baggage of you do not obtain exactly
12. Then unless you understand, when it suffers and believing thing, superstition is not method
13. The sun strikes, the tar of the roof is burnt, and your shoes therefore when obtaining, the fact that the feet where you become tired are fire resistance is desired, is hot
14. When the night comes and, the land is dark, month is the only light/write which you see
15. I that much long my ones which are heard that, through false rumor.

Soul Stone Quiz Answers

Click Here to Reveal Lost in Translation Answers

Song TitleArtist
1. At LastEtta James
2. Stop! In the Name of Love
The Supremes
3. Hit the Road, JackRay Charles
4. (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the BayOtis Redding
5. When a Man Loves a WomanPercy Sledge (or Michael Bolton)
6. I Got You (I Feel Good)James Brown
7. Ain’t No SunshineBill Withers
8. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural WomanAretha Franklin
9. Son of a Preacher ManDusty Springfield
10. My GirlThe Temptations
11. People Get ReadyRod Stewart
12. SuperstitionStevie Wonder
13. Under the BoardwalkThe Drifters
14. Stand By MeBen E King
15. I Heard It Through the GrapevineMarvin Gaye

We hope you enjoy playing some or all of the avengers movie game. If you have or created your own don’t forget to tell us all about it or tag us in any photos of you playing these games @theplayexperts .