monster pancake faces

Pancake Day: Toddlers Activities

We have come up with few activities to keep your toddler entertained on pancake day. If you have older children (or no children at all) try these activities aimed at teenagers and adults. On pancake day, toddlers need not be bored and can join in with the fun as much as the older ones.

Pancake Day Monsters

We know you are probably going to describe your little ones as ‘monsters’ at some point (especially after a tonne of sugary pancakes) but here, we are referring to something your little angels will be creating!

What You Will Need:

  • Foil Round Cake Base


  • Round Cardboard Circle
  • Tin Foil
  • A dice (for the monster face race)
  • Fruits, Sweets and Treats – see below for ideas on these, or scroll a little further for our less sugary alternatives

If you don’t want to fill them full of sugar before bed, try the following less sugary alternatives (you can use these as snacks the following day if you have any leftovers):

  • Cucumber Slices/Half Moons
  • Carrot Shavings (use a grater or a speed peeler to create different shapes)
  • Courgetti (you can buy this ready made if you don’t have a spiralizer)
  • Wholemeal bread shapes (cut out tringles or use cookie cutters for more interesting shapes)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (cut in half)
  • Olives
  • Cubes of cheese
  • Sweetcorn
  • Bits of Ham
  • Peanut Butter (as long as there are no nut allergies of course)

Monster Pancake Creations

Give each child a round foil cake base, or cut out a circle of cardboard and cover in tin foil (to make sure it is hygenic to eat off). This is their “pancake” – you will need these later on. If you have already made your edible pancakes then do place these on top and the silver foil bases can be used once the creations have been eaten.

Cut up all the toppings into suitable shapes and place them all in little bowls or out on a board or big plate.

Let your little monsters go mad creating their own little monsters! They can either use these as ideas for decorating their pancakes later on or just eat them (we know the latter is most likely!)

For even more inspiration, try this article by Fab Food 4 All on how to make monster pancakes.

monster face made out of pancakes and fruit

Monster Pancake Face Race


See who will be the first to ‘create’ their monster face. If your toddler will engage more with animals or dinosaurs try either of these instead.

How to Play:

Roll the dice – if you get a 6 you are allowed to place an item of food onto your base or pancake to create your monster.


The first one to finish their monster wins! The prize? You can eat your face – your monster face that is! Simple really, the more you get on your face the more you get to eat.

Pancake Balance Game


See who can balance their ‘pancake’ on their head the longest

How to Play:

Using the ‘pancake’ foil bases, see who can balance it on their head the longest. To make it harder you can get the little ones to try and walk a few steps and back OR they have to do a rendition of one of their favourite songs without it falling off.


Everyone can be a winner in this game. If they get to the end of their song without the pancake falling off then they deserve an extra special prize (we are fairly certain most toddlers will only last a second or two!) We would probably recommend using up the leftover fruit as prizes (just to try and reduce the wastage and sugar intake in the evening).

toddler sneaking strawberries off a chopping board

As Flat as a Pancake


This is a great game to settle the little ones down before bed. The aim is to be as still as long as possible whilst trying to ‘capture’ the pancake with stealth. We know for most toddlers this is asking a lot – which is why it is a game!

How to Play:

Get your toddler/s (older siblings can also join in) to lie down on the floor as still as they can. You need to place a pancake base some way away from where they are. They need to try and slowly squirm and crawl forward while you are looking the other way to ‘capture’ the pancake (foil base from earlier).

If you spot them moving they must go back to whee they started. This is a little like Grandma’s footsteps but crawling and not walking.


Whoever gets to the ‘pancake’ first wins! You could play this with edible pncakes then whoever gets to the pancake first wins. We would recommend keeping this even – you can control the game – as you don’t want tears before bedtime!

toddler lying down playing as a flat as a pancake

We hope you enjoyed these activities – if you have been trying any of these out on panckake day, toddlers or no – we want to hear about it. Don’t forget to share what you have been up to and tag us – @theplayexperts .