Pancake Day for grown ups

Pancake Day: Activities for Teens and Grown-Ups

When a special occasion such as Pancake Day falls on a weekday it can be a bit of a challenge. You want to make an effort and get involved; however it can be hard to find the time and energy for some pancake day activities.

Many of us will be spending most of the day at work or looking after children. That’s why this year we are keeping it simple with a few recipes (be sure to checkout the Pancake Lasagne) and games that you can try.

If you have younger children, please see our toddler game ideas here.

Making pancakes, pancake batter on a hot plate to make a pancake, cooking

For older children, teens and above, get them involved by having them prepare the batter. This can be done the night before so that there’s more time on the day to have fun (and over indulge of course).

When it comes to actually cooking the pancakes, it does take a little time; and a lot of patience.

From experience, I know that most of the pancakes get eaten within a fraction of the time that it takes to cook them. There ends up being a lot of time spent ‘waiting around’ while they are cooking in the pan.

Pancake Flipping Competition

Pancake Day: Flipping Competition




10 minutes


Pan, timer & pancakes



To help pass the time and add some fun, organise a Pancake Day Flipping Competition. All you’ll need is a light pan, a timer and one of the finished pancakes.

Set the timer at 60 seconds and take it in turns to see how many times each of you can flip the pancake in the pan.

A prize for the winner?

Whoever can flip their pancake the most amount of times within the 60 seconds is the winner. You could organise a prize in advance, although being allowed to eat the first ready hot pancake should be sufficient!

Pancake Heads: Obstacle Course

If ever there is an excuse to launch around an obstacle course with a pancake on your head, Pancake Day is it.

There are lots of pancake race ideas around. They usually involve paper or cardboard pancakes, but we prefer the real thing. It produces a lot more giggles, every single time.

We suggest playing before dinner. It’s not a quite a Tough Mudder obstacle course, but it’s tricky none the less. You’ll likely want to just sit back and relax after filling up on pancakes. Particularly if you’re trying our indulgent Pancake Lasagne and Blueberry Maple Pancakes (you can find these here).

If you’re feeling quite adventurous though, you can certainly create an obstacle course akin to Tough Mudder, if you fancy.

Pancake Heads: Obstacle Course

Difficulty: You decide!
Prep time








What You Need

  • Energy

  • Grassy area

  • Pancakes (cooled!)

  • Space marker cones or poles

  • Space Hoppers

  • Three-Legged race straps

  • Agility rings

  • Start tape and finish tape (or ribbons)

  • (Choose a few or all of these obstacles – the more the trickier!)

How to Play

  • Mark out two obstacle courses using the cones – the more windy and narrow, the trickier! One will be for bouncing along on the space hoppers and one for the three-legged race. There will need to be enough space for two players to race alongside each other.
  • Lay the agility rings in a long zigzag. The more space between the rings, the bigger the hop (and of course a much higher chance of the pancake falling off your head).
  • Use the tape to mark the start and finish lines. The players will race to complete all three courses, one straight after another.
  • For two players, you’ll be racing against each other. For more than two players, split into teams of 2+ players.
  • Each player makes their own pancake. Hint: the bigger and thicker the pancake, the easier it is to balance on your head!
  • Each player places their own cooled pancake on top of their head.
  • If you’re racing one on one, race against each other to complete all three courses. If you’re playing in teams, a player from each team races through the whole course and tags the next player in their team; now it’s their go!
  • If the pancake falls off your head, you must stop where you are to flop the pancake back on your head. Then you can continue.
  • The first team to complete the course, wins!
  • There will be giggles all the way through, which makes it all the more difficult to balance the pancake on your head, which makes it all the more funny. You can see where this is going…

Now you have completed your pancake day activities and have had your fill of running around or flipping (or both) it is time to treat yourself to the main event – eating pancakes. Head to our stacked pancake evening page to get some inspiration for both sweet and savoury options.

Enjoyed the pancake games? Tell us all about your pancake day fun – or tag us in your pictures of the action @theplayexperts