Group Games

Group games activities and ideas written by the experts in play. Do you have a scout group, youth group or school group you need to entertain? Maybe you are running an event or camp and need some inspiration on things that will bond a group together or to keep them occupied and active?

We have collected a wide range of different group games and fun things to do and play. Sometimes the usual options are just not enough – you may need to entertain groups of children for longer periods of time such as activity holidays or summer camps or you may be doing this week in week out. Whatever your reason for needing these ideas we have come up with a variety which we hope will be a useful resource for you and your group.


child playing rainbow ball run

Rainbow Ball Run: Wide Group Games for Toddlers

Finding easy and fun games to entertain toddlers can be tricky, especially if you are hosting a party or family event where you need to keep the little ones entertained for a reasonable length of time. This is a really fun and simple toddler group game. Entertaining Groups of Toddlers […]

Stranger Things Escape Room Poster

Stranger Things Escape Room: Tween Friendly

T. L. Williams shares her top tips for creating the most imaginative ‘Stranger Things’ DIY Escape Room: Firstly, let’s just clear something up – I will not actually be locking kids in a room – despite the temptation for an hour’s peace I am fairly sure that that is illegal! […]

Couple spending a night in together playing games

Valentines on a Budget: Games for a night in

Looking for some Valentine’s games to make your evening a bit more exciting? Look no further! February the 14th can instil fear into the hearts of many. Whether you are in a long term loving relationship or just starting out in your romantic life, it is a day that can […]