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Kids Den

Kids Den Building: making a den from boxes

Making a kids den is one of the most enjoyable activities to do as a child because they are versatile. Whether it be for reading, drawing, defending from invaders, hiding or just chilling out, taking over a part of the house or making your own fort in the garden; den […]

Darts Games for Kids

Dart Games for Kids

Have you every played darts with your kids? It’s a game for slightly inebriated teams in pubs surely? Suprisingly dart games can teach kids a lot. How can darts benefit my children? Dart games have the duel benefit of being fun and improving childrens’ hand eye coordination. This can then […]

Stranger Things Escape Room Poster

Stranger Things Escape Room: Tween Friendly

T. L. Williams shares her top tips for creating the most imaginative ‘Stranger Things’ DIY Escape Room: Firstly, let’s just clear something up – I will not actually be locking kids in a room – despite the temptation for an hour’s peace I am fairly sure that that is illegal! […]