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40 free activites and play ideas

Summer of Play: Indoor & Outdoor Play Ideas

Play is a huge part of growing up, and after the effects of the pandemic where many children were not interacting and playing with others as they would usually do. Save the Children created the ‘Summer Of Play’ campaign to try to tackle this issue. Finding free activities and play […]

monster pancake faces

Pancake Day: Toddlers Activities

We have come up with few activities to keep your toddler entertained on pancake day. If you have older children (or no children at all) try these activities aimed at teenagers and adults. On pancake day, toddlers need not be bored and can join in with the fun as much […]

Kids Den

Kids Den Building: making a den from boxes

Making a kids den is one of the most enjoyable activities to do as a child because they are versatile. Whether it be for reading, drawing, defending from invaders, hiding or just chilling out, taking over a part of the house or making your own fort in the garden; den […]

Darts Games for Kids

Dart Games for Kids

Have you every played darts with your kids? It’s a game for slightly inebriated teams in pubs surely? Suprisingly dart games can teach kids a lot. How can darts benefit my children? Dart games have the duel benefit of being fun and improving childrens’ hand eye coordination. This can then […]

Stranger Things Escape Room Poster

Stranger Things Escape Room: Tween Friendly

T. L. Williams shares her top tips for creating the most imaginative ‘Stranger Things’ DIY Escape Room: Firstly, let’s just clear something up – I will not actually be locking kids in a room – despite the temptation for an hour’s peace I am fairly sure that that is illegal! […]

Children gardening

Children Gardening: How to get them involved

Getting children to take part in gardening has numerous benefits whilst also encouraging them to get outside the house more. You don’t even need to have a lot of experience doing it yourself to take it up. One of the underlying benefits of gardening is it’s fun, cheap and allows […]