Preparing your trampoline for summer

Preparing your Trampoline for Summer

The spring months are the time of year when people venture out into the garden and inspect their trampoline, potentially for the first time in a little while.

If you have followed our preparing your trampoline for winter guide then you will pull back the cover and find it in excellent condition.

If you have left the trampoline fully constructed, uncovered and you have gone for a cheap and nasty unit then you will likely find it has some problems.

bouncing on trampoline in summer

Surround Padding is intact

One of the most important components of a trampoline for safety is the surround padding which goes round the outside of the frame and over the springs. Cheaper pads sometimes develop holes in the covering in the harsh winter months.

We have two kinds of trampoline pad available: Fun and Skyhigh. Fun is our entry level but still very high quality pad and the Skyhigh pads are our thicker deluxe model – covered entirely in green PVC. This both stands up to all kinds of different weather and looks fantastic.

If you have a round trampoline double check the measurement of the frame from outer edge to edge and this will tell you the size of pad you need to purchase in order to have a suitable replacement. If you have a rectangle or oval measure the long and short sides of the frame

preparing your trampoline

Fully functioning Enclosure

Another important feature of a trampoline for safety is the enclosure. During the winter the net may have become damaged. You can replace it using the same measurement listed above for the pads and also double checking you have the correct amount of enclosure poles for the suppliers net. This will be listed in the technical specifications.

You may not have had an enclosure to begin with although this is rarer since they are now required to be sold with trampolines by law. If you want to purchase an enclosure look for a complete enclosure set and double check it includes the poles and not just the net.

make sure your trampoline pads intact

Tough and durable bounce mat

The final most frequent victim of winter is the trampoline bounce mat or bed as it is sometimes referred to. If you notice any holes you must replace this immediately as they will only get bigger if you bounce on the trampoline.

Mats are a little bit more difficult to find a suitable replacement for than pads and enclosures but if you follow three specifications listed below it will be very easy indeed.

  1. The frame measurement (which you will already have for the pads and enclosure).
  2. The number of springs your trampoline has. A helpful way to count them is to tie a piece of string on the first spring you count to prevent double counting any of them.
  3. The total length of the spring including the hooks when it isn’t stretched out. You will need to remove a spring from your trampoline in order to do this.

You will need to make sure these specifications are the same on your trampoline as the mat you order so you don’t purchase one which won’t be safe. If you can’t find a suitable replacement it will be time to look at a new trampoline entirely.

With the trampoline up and running with all parts working you can get back to bouncing and have a great summer.