Quick Christmas gifts

Quick Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts under £100 to bag early!

Christmas Gifts for Children

Getting those gifts in the bag early can reduce a lot of Christmas stress. Most of you will recoil in horror when that word (Christmas) or the notion of Christmas gifts are mentioned, especially when it is still September. You are certain the Christmas gift aisles start appearing in the supermarkets earlier and earlier, and you start wondering how it is possible to avoid the in-laws or your grumpy Aunt or Uncle this year.

Some of you may be thinking,

“I’m going to get all the Christmas gifts sorted early this year.”

After years and years of trying this and failing you may well be determined to actually achieve a reasonable level of Christmas gift purchase before December starts. After all, most of us do have fanciful ideas of spending December swanning from one mulled wine-mince pie event without a care (or pre-Christmas stress) in the world!

We have put together a few ideas for the awkward to buy, the people who have everything or for those who say they don’t want anything. We all know full well those who say they don’t want anything will be silently miffed when Christmas comes and goes and they get no gifts at all.

Some of these ideas are a bit out there, but they can be perfect for communal/family or shared children’s presents.

Under £20


Tin Can Alley


What is it?  An addictive bit of fun that can get a group of children or adults competing against one another. Taking everyone back to the fairground or village fete – it is small enough and light enough to be played on a table indoors.

Who for?  This could be the perfect extra stocking filler or a silly game for an active family or competitive couple!

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

Super easy – it is a rectangular box, you can’t get easier than that!


sweetbee-furnitureSweetbee Furniture


What is it? The cutest dolls house furniture that money can buy – the Sweetbee sets are very detailed meaning they will have little ones enthralled for hours. Dolls house not required – we know children can hours of fun with this furniture or can make their own sets for it.

Who for? Little children with imaginations! The type of children who love to play making houses and small role play games. There are six different rooms available but our favourite would be the children’s bedroom with the miniature guitar and wigwam play tent.

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

These come in a small unmarked white box, so very easy to wrap and would work with simple tissue paper and ribbon if you wanted a softer touch.

Wooden Monkey Swing

Wooden Monkey Tree Swing


What is it?  A button shaped wooden tree swing. The perfect way to give a child a swing without the need for an expensive frame. Of course, a suitable tree branch is required, but a strong timber beam can be an option too. The fun in this swing is it isn’t just a standard ‘back and forth’ swing – so can swing round in all directions.

Who for? As long as the branch or beam you hang it from is strong enough the seat and rope set is tested up to 10 stone – so not limited to children. If you have friends who aren’t too heavy they could have a go too!

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-pic

Not as easy as the others – it comes in plastic packaging so you may want to put it into a box to make the wrapping part easier.

£20 – £50

Children's Football Goal

Large Football Goal


What is it?  A metal framed football goal with netting. At 10 feet wide by 6 feet tall, it is substantial enough for any age.

Who for?  Any budding football star – young or old!

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

Not as simple as the small gifts as it is a bit larger – but the box is rectangular – (approx. 120cm x 40cm) so easy to wrap, just requires a bit more wrapping paper that the average present!

Hoppin Mad Space Hopper Game

Hoppin’ Mad


What is it?  Probably one of the funniest, silliest retro games around! Just like the retro classic space hoppers – this games includes three hoppers a pump, and a whistle for starting races!

Who for?  Anyone with a sense of humour and a little bit of energy – adults and children alike!

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

Comes in a box that is very easy to wrap.

Aztec Wigwam Play Tent

Aztec Wigwam Play Tent


What is it?  A cotton canvas wigwam – made up with wooden poles and a thick canvas decorated outer. It is much bigger than many of the wigwams out there, so a real bargain at less that £50. It has an air of class about it, so look expensive even though it isn’t!

Who for?  This is pretty much suited to all children, we would suggest up to 11 years old. The aztec design is chic, modern and attractive so perfect for those friends of yours who are fussy about having brightly coloured plastic things in their house!

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

Comes in a tall narrow box, so not the simplest of wrapping jobs, but not an awkward shape to wrap!

£50 – £100

Netball Post

Bee-Ball Netball Post


What is it?  A full size metal netball post. It has wheels in the base so can be moved around.

Who for?  Anyone who plays netball – there is a package which is includes a ball and a pump too which is very useful for a full present with everything you need. Most children play netball at school, and many adults play as a hobby so this can be the perfect gift for children all the way through to teenagers and adults.

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

This is a box, so fairly easy to wrap – it isn’t tiny at 82cm x 52cm, but still not too giant!

Sandford Family Croquet Set

Sandford Croquet Set


What is it? A croquet set for the whole family. Once a fairly unfashionable game – now played by people from all walks of life – from kids to hipsters. It is an addictive and extremely competitive game which can involve a lot of tactical blocking and whacking each others balls from the pitch! This set includes two child’s and two adult mallets, and are made from high quality solid wooden heads and spliced handles.

Who for? This is the set for the sporty and active families who has everything. It would also work well as a joint present for your friend’s children – especially if they have a mix of ages as the older ones can use the adult mallets whilst the little ones used the kids mallets.

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

This set comes in a box and is easy to wrap – it isn’t tiny at around a metre long but this does make it look even more impressive under the tree!

Cannonball Drop

Cannonball Drop (aka Giant ‘Kerplunk’)


What is it? This is the classic table game as a truly giant version! It uses big, colourful straws and is made up of four chunky plastic sections that slot together to form a castle-like tower. The game uses plastic balls instead of marbles.

Who for?  The ideal Christmas gift for any family who seem to have ever game under the sun – they are unlikely to have this one!.

Wrap Rating: gift-picgift-picgift-picgift-picgift-pic

This comes in a nice white square box – around 35cm square so a nice even shape to wrap.



Christmas Gift Ideas for Children