Come again another day!

butterflyNot you- the bad weather!

So you have two whole weeks with the children off school and what does it do? In true British fashion it will rain – we know this is a fact*.

We are here to help you prepare and give you ways to keep even the most fidgety of children entertained through those wet and windy days ahead. Whilst at the same time we will hope for sun, if in the unlikely event of a heatwave you can always take these activities outside!

*the Play Experts disclaimer: we by no means encourage negative and dowdy thoughts of rain and depressing weather.


How does your garden grow?

From seeds of course! So this may seem like more of a long term project, but we would suggest starting with some terracotta pots and some paint. If you can get hold of some waterproof paint from your local garden centre then even better – just be really careful with this as it may stain clothes.

Give the pots and paint to your little one to decorate then once they are dry, you can find some seeds to plant.

Great things to plant this season are:

  • Outdoor tomatoes
  • Melon
  • French Beans & Runner Beans
  • Courgettes
  • lettuce
  • Sunflowers

Sunflowers can be especially fun as you can ‘race’ them between siblings, just make sure you plant them out in the ground once they have sprung up in the pots. We have selected edible things to grow as easting your creations is much more satisfying.


Den, den dennnnn!

Make a den! It is fun for adults too…why not find some old blankets and sheet and think of creative ways to prop them up.

If you are not feeling so creative you can buy really fun and exciting wigwams and play tents here – so just set one up and think up some exciting scenarios in which to use the den.

Browse Play Tents & Wigwams

Think about making a tunnel or route to into the den using boxes or pushing chairs together and draping something over the top.

You could always fill the den with blankets and cushions and get all snuggled up and read a story.


Write something


Writing letters is a dying art – so why not inject some imagination into letter writing and make some Easter or spring themed letters for the relatives.

You could write something for the little ones to decorate. For the older ones, you could get them to write all about what they have been up to already this holiday. Decorating a card and writing a little note inside could be the perfect activity for an afternoon.

Try something simple like a yellow circle cut out of card and stuck on the front – ready for them to draw eyes, a beak and wings to create a little easter chick! Or you could cut an egg shaped print out of a potato and let them make some bright and colourful egg prints.

Cotton-wool sheep are always fun to make too!