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Rectangular Trampoline Buying Guide

Why Should I Buy a Rectangular Trampoline?

People enter the market for a rectangular trampoline (or round, or oval) for the first time and aren’t sure where to begin. You may have been thinking about buying one as a gift for your child for some time but are not quite sure where to start. One of the first things you will notice is the various shapes available.

The two most popular shapes are round and rectangular and their bounces perform quite differently. Because round trampolines have springs which all point in the same direction when you bounce the springs will move at the same time and carry the momentum to the centre.

With a rectangular trampoline the sides are straight and thus the springs point in different directions. This means that depending on where you bounce on the mat the springs will stretch to a different extent. You can then enjoy an even bounce with less of a bias of being pulled in the centre.

This consistency in bounce means that if you did have more than one child on the trampoline at once they are less likely to be drawn into the centre. This can prevent mid-bounce collisions! It will also give any child considering trampolining as a hobby (or more serious sport) a more realistic bounce giving them the ability to practise certain jumping techniques or special moves more easily.

Rectangular is the original shape of trampoline and it is because of the expressive bounce they are used in gymnastics competitions at the Olympics. We think this  makes it slightly more superior to the round shape, with the added benefit of maximising on the space by fitting neatly along a border or into a corner.

Rectangular Trampoline Springs

Number of Springs

Aside from the shape of the frame the other major factor that affects the bounce of a trampoline is the ratio of springs to the size of the mat. A trampoline which has more springs will have a more powerful bounce.

For example the Rebo 7ft x 10ft has 56 springs whereas Skyhigh 7ft x 10ft has 68 springs. The Skyhigh has more springs for the same sized frame.

Rectangular Trampoline Frame

Size of Frame

The next step is to find out how much space you have in your garden and how you want to fill it. The listed size of a rectangular trampoline measures the long and short sides of the metal frame. Take a tape measure and mark out a rectangle with these two dimensions. In doing this you will get a pretty accurate representation of how much space will be taken up by the trampoline.

You then need to add a foot either side to allow safe access on and off the trampoline. It is not a good idea to have the trampoline pressed up against a fence or wall as whilst the net will safely hold a person up should they fall backwards it will create a slight budge.

The next thing to consider is how big the bounce mat will be. We always advise getting the largest trampoline possible because as previously mentioned the listed size refers to the frame and not the mat. You will need to deduct around two feet on the long and short sides of the frame and this will give you the area available for the children to jump on.

Rectangular Trampoline Netting

Safety Features

It is not only important that your rectangular trampoline has a great bounce but also that it is safe. You need to look for one which has an effective safety enclosure design.  Jumpkings and Skyhigh trampolines have nets which pull very tight around the trampoline. These ensure that a person is held up if they take a tumble.

The trampoline must have thick protective pads which cover the springs and frame. This is to prevent the user from coming into contact with them when bouncing. A pad with 20mm thick foam found on trampolines such as the new 12ft Jumpking Trampoline will be adequate. If you want an extra layer of protection then the Skyhigh 10ft x 17ft has pads with 30mm thick foam.

Rectangular Trampoline

Enjoy your new trampoline!

Once you have worked out the perfect size and model of trampoline you just need to order. Once it arrives, assemble it and you will find yourself fitter and enjoying your garden more than ever! Make sure you have carefully considered all the safety aspects before buying. Cheaper is not always better and most certainly not the safest.

You can view our full range of rectangular trampolines here.