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The Jelly Game: Family Christmas Games

If you are feeling in the Christmas spirit and want to get down to a fun silly game – this one’s for you and your family. It is the perfect game to get people away from the tv. We would probably recommend it for Boxing Day after lunch – as long as you haven’t stuffed yourselves too much (it involves eating!) It can of course be quite good for any party all year round. You can find vegetarian jelly here if you need it.

the jelly game


2 +

Prep time

5 mins (jelly to be made day before)

Playing time

10-15 mins

Energy Level


What You Need

  • Location:
  • Your Living Room or Kitchen

  • Equipment:
  • 1 Large Jelly or individual jellies

    Please Note: packet jelly can be bought to be suitable for vegetarians and sugar free versions also exist so buy jelly to suit your dietary needs!

  • 1 Dice

  • Knife and Fork (each)

  • Hat, scarf and gloves (each)

Top Tip:

This game is most suited for those in the same household. If you want to play with others you will need to make smaller jellies so each person has one each. You can add some fruit to the jelly for one of your 5 a day!


How to Play

  • Game Set Up
  • Place the jelly on the plate on a table or a chair.
  • Place your knife, forks, hat, scarf and gloves next to the jelly.
  • Sit around the table or chair with the jelly on, making sure you have enough space around it.
  • Time to Play
  • The first person throws the dice, if you are lucky enough to get a 6 on your first go, you have to go to the jelly, and put on your hat, scarf and gloves and then eat as much jelly as you can with the knife and fork.
  • If you are not lucky on your first throw, the dice is passed to the next person and they attempt to get a 6 until someone gets the 6 to start the jelly eating.
  • The game continues around the family, (while the lucky 6 person is attempting to eat the jelly), as soon as the next person gets a 6, they have to swap over.
  • To make it more Christmassy – why not have a red jelly with edible glitter.
  • You can use a Santa hat instead of a normal bobble hat.
  • Playing with Little Ones
  • With smaller hands you can let them use a tea spoon – still hard when you are wearing gloves and the jelly is wobbling around.
  • Playing in Teams
  • Make more than one jelly and race against each other to see which team can get through the jelly first but make sure you follow the rule of 6 before you eat your jelly. You will need more than one die for this version.
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