A birthday present to assemble far from home.

The playhouse took quite a lot of unpacking and the instructions were not particularly helpful in working out which bit was which. It was fortunate that after enquiring twice about tools we were advised that an electric screw-driver would be helpful. It was really necessary. We took that with us I meant to take a small spirit level but forgot. That would have been handy. It did take several hours to screw it all together, but I think makers always under-estimate the time to assemble as their trial run must involve tradesmen. We were not surprised as there a lot of little touches to see to in the design like the chimney and flower-pots etc. The actual playhouse CROOKED PENTHOUSE WOODEN PLAYHOUSE looks amazing and the pink and white colour is just what my grand-daughter wanted. I am really pleased with it and feel that it is very good value for money. The service from the company was really excellent . Well done and thank you!

Esther, Scotland

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