Out standing play house

My little girl loves this play house a little over priced for your money but a lot better than most out there

Simon, Barnsley

Gorgeous Playhouse For The Kids

I bought this Whacky Penthouse for my sons to give them somewhere to play in the garden and give them a bit of variety and I must say that I'm so glad I did. It came in loads of boxes but all of the big pieces were already in one piece (door attached, window in etc) so they just needed screwing together. The stilts to make it a penthouse took a while to get together but the house went up in no time. Just over an hour in total which I thought was great. I love that it's different to other playhouses, with stilts to take it off the ground. The steps to get up are strong and sturdy with handles to make it safe. The slide is fab and gives my sons an added extra to play on. There is loads of space inside and the many windows bring in loads of light, it's even better that the windows open too. I like the cute extra bits though, the letter box that my sons store a key in for pretend play, flower boxes which can hold real flowers and the chimney which just gives it that cute cottage feel. My sons love it and spend most of the days in there now, playing, reading and crafting. It will be something that they love for years to come.

Michaela , Yorkshire

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