Good, strong quality

Perfect for keeping all the pieces in one place.

Jean, Northants

Good Strong bag - tight fit on the blocks but great once you have the hang of fitting them in

About two years ago I brought a Garden Games Giant Tower, which we have been using in the garden ( weather permitting) regularly - the grown ups love it and the kiddies like to use it as a construction kit - building castles and R/C car tracks and ramps. To say the tower is a much loved feature is an understatement!!! The Giant Tower comes in a card box - its a strong one but it is card! We put ours away in the garage and I am sad to report that the mices got in and took a serious liking to the box. The result was a very funny (I wish I had filmed this) episode where my husband pick up the box containing the giant jenga game and found the blocks still sat neatly on the floor. He suggested that he was too strong but, I am pretty sure the huge gnawed whole was more likely to be the cause of this incident. This left us with a great fun game and now where to keep it to insure that blocks didn't get misplaced(propping up the lawn mower for example). I had been looking for a storage box of some kind but the size required to keep the tower in meant that it was hard to move - the handles were flimsy and tended to break off.I have not bee disappointed! The bag is sturdy and strong. The Tower is a tight fit( the top 4 blocks in the middle on the top row have to sit in on there side so that you can do the bag up- you can thank my smart arse teenage son for this gem BTW) I am not going to lie, but this stops the blocks shifting around inside and makes them a lot safer to carry. The handles run all the way under the bag in a complete loop so I have no fear or them ripping off. If you have a tower the storage bag is a great was to keep it safe and a great way to make this HEAVY WEIGHT game easy to take with you to friends barbies (the burning meat social gathering rather than small pink doll) etc.

M Smith , Leeds

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