Nicest dolls house we have ever had!

My girls have had dolls houses in the past, but to be honest, they havent lasted very long. They were a pain to put together and poorly made. I love how all the pieces just slot together. You need to screw the two top dormer windows to the roof, but that is it. It literally took me around 10 minutes to get it set up, and it was so easy that I could have given it to girls to set up! I was really impressed with the quality of Butterbee Cottage and how much had gone in to the appearance and intricate detailing of the flowers and letterbox, and the sweet addition of curtains on the windows. Its bright and colourful inside and out and just oozes quality. This has to be one of the nicest dolls houses that we have had. The dolls house is exceptionally spacious and a decent size. I also love how the roof works. You can either completely remove the roof panels, of they fold back so you can easily access that area and not have to worry about the lid snapping down on to little fingers. Definitely a top choice for those looking for a great looking, good quality dolls house!

Rachel, Middlesex

Made a little girl very happy!

We took the doos house to Africa for our granddaughter, and I must say it was very heavy - about 11kg I believe! However this means that it is very sturdy and my husband and son found it very easy to put together. It looks lovely, and the pink curtains are a pretty touch. I think it was very good value for money, it was received well packed (although we had to remove both boxes to fit it into our case) but it survived the flights well and was undamaged on arrival.

Sara, Exeter

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