Croquet Set

Exactly what I was expecting, delivered on time and in good condition. Thank you.

Daniell, Kent

Adult croquet set

Well made product that arrived quickly. Hoops now set out on the lawn and all the family enjoying this traditional English game.

Stephen, Warwickshire

Why pay more?

Arrived a day early. The set beautifully packed in an excellent holdall & although we haven’t struck a ball yet I am confident the whole outfit will stand up to much use. I have researched several sets & I believe the quality and price of this product is top class.

Derek Thomas, leeds

A grown-up croquet set

Solid, excellent quality, grown-up croquet set, and not a toy. Big mallets, solid, heavy balls = hours of fun! One of the four mallets was broken in transit and Big Game Hunters sent a replacement by return, so brilliant customer service too. Highly recommended.

Steffi Janet, UK

Incredibly good value.

Very well made and incredibly good value. This is as good as anyone will need for general use. I had previously bought a set from another source for the same cost which was only fit for the skip. This looks and feels twice it's cost.

Mike D, Sandford

really nice set.

this is a high quality set of croquet mallets. Best for folks over 5 ft as my 12 year old struggled a bit with length and size of the mallet. We had lots of fun over the summer with visitors and just family playing on our small lawn. i thought i wanted a wooden box but this is actually much better as it is lighter than a box and possible for one person to carry it to the garden. My only niggle is that the bag is very neat (i.e. tight) and so you have to get the mallets in exactly the right orientation to put them all in.

Wild Mother, anon

The best choice- I think so! (now I know so!)

A really well made set, good value even though a bit pricey! After writing this review I noticed an unusual fault - colour bands on post in wrong order - a probable 'one-off'. The supplier acted immediately and sent a new post by return, excellent customer service (well done Rose!). Having played a few games now, this is obviously a very good quality product, so not as 'pricey' as it might seem. Mel.

Mel P., Withheld

Great product, speedy delivery, excellent service so would recommend to anyone looking for garden games.

excellent quality for the price, though watch not to knock or ding the edges of the mallet faces.

George Murdoch, London

Bought as a gift - loved by all

This was bought as a gift for a family and was loved by all . This product was chosen because it offered full size mallets at a reasonable price so was a genuine introduction to the game for friends. The delivery service was excellent and prompt. Unfortunately one mallet had been damaged in transit but it was quickly replaced by BGH through a customer services dept that was helpful and efficient. The set is of good quality wood and just the right weigh5 for experienced and novice players.

Cc, Berkshire

Waiting to see!

The site was easy to access and negotiate, had a family feel to the site and ordering was easy. A follow up email enquiry was answered swiftly and the set was delivered promptly and securely! The set was a christmas gift so we're waitin got see how it fares in use come warmer weather but it was excitedly received!

Michelle, Norwich