Excellent piece of kit. Hubby very happy.

PB, london

Expensive but absolutely superb

OK - you can buy a Carrom board much cheaper than this, however the quality of the build and materials in this board are truly exceptional. I have played cheaper boards which warp over time, this one is so robust (and heavy) that there is little chance of this warping as long as it is stored flat. What particularly impresses me is the rebound - I have seen the striker rebound 6 times !. Played cheaper boards where you are lucky to get 2. Was so impressed that I later purchased the padded green cover to protect it. Summary - superb board, enhances the game and will last for years.

Mr B, witheld

Superb board!!

Quality of this board is excellent. Recommended product. It was delivered ahead of committed date, neatly packed.

Makarand Yerawadekar, Harrow

Five Stars

Very good

Satkunarajah thurairajasingam, Birmingham

A proper championship carrom board

I Love the thickness of the board and the frame. Very smooth surface. Good quality frame.

VB, anon

Expensive but great board

Wanted something robust and long lasting. Looked at many boards online and this seemed to fit the bill best. It is solid and heavy and looks good. The striker can be made to bounce of opposite edges 5-6 times without too much trouble. Surface is thick so it shouldn't easily warp and the sides are very sturdy hardwood. Pieces seem to be able to stand up to the battering they receive, but time will tell. All in all a good board for all but the very serious players. Not cheap but should last for a very long time if looked after.

Mike Elliott, Bromsgrove

Lovely product

I've always wanted one of these since travelling round India many years ago and seeing people playing it on the street. The quality is lovely and we've enjoyed playing it over Christmas, although we're far from perfecting our technique! The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is the company logo on the top. As it takes up a big space in our sitting room, I wanted it to be a beautiful piece of furniture and the bee picture does spoil the authentic look of it a bit! I understand the need to promote your company but why not put it on the side instead so it's less obvious!

Beccy, Cardiff

Amazing carrom board

Arrived well packed and on time and in perfect condition. Looks as nice as in the photos, lovely wide rosewood edges with very good rebound. Inside of edge has a thin black layer which it is claimed aids rebound - no idea what the black layer is but it looks good and seems to work well. Markings are clear, board surface very smooth and even. Shame about the bee logo, but is not big. Striker moves across the table with up to 6 rebounds. Nice accessories, would recommend buying an extra striker so 2 can play easily. Have not had to use any powder yet, just some pledge polish to keep surface slippery. I actually found the powder slowed the striker down! Quality heavy build with a good thick board. I believe these were made in same factory as the Synco boards so the quality and pedigree is excellent. A lot of fun in lockdown.

Pete, Winchester, Hampshire

Carrom Board Set

The Board is very good quality, well finished and very heavy which helps when playing. It certainly is not the cheapest Board available on the internet but overall the family thinks its good value. As for enjoyment Carrom is new to us and it is certainly more challenging than it looks ..... Great Fun and Entertainment.

Williams Family, Alton Hampshire