Bought this one after an Amazon review said it was the most robust. And they were right. It is made of a strong, tough material and the poles are strong too. Looks like it will take plenty of abuse.

Debbie, Birmingham

Good product.

I really like this, when it was delivered I found the instructions quite easy to follow so we had it up quite quickly. The poles make it very sturdy and it can fit my 4 year old and my 5 year old at the same time, so it's a good size.

Stephanie, Cheltenham

Kids will adore this....something special.

I am not sure who was more excited when The Wigwam arrived, myself or the kids! This is something that certainly will get your little ones imaginations going, to inspire a classic game of Cowboys and Indians! The wigwam is stirdy, easy to assemble and the canvus is beautiful. For outdoors & indoors

anonymous, anonymous

The kids love it!!

Robust, big, easy to build.

Amy Shipham, West Sussex

Best toy this year!

Needed a durable outdoor/indoor play item for very active 4 year old grandson and his toddler sister that wouldn't be 'grown out' of very quickly. The wigwam fulfilled this requirement as well as making the older grandchild utilise his imagination. The product is well made, of very durable materials, very attractive and best of all, easily assembled. Gran can also get inside.

Pen, Oxford

Great robust kids tent

After looking at loads of these kinds of tents I went for this one based on how robust it appeared. I wasn't wrong. It's been fallen on (By a toddler, not me!) and dragged about with no problems. The only change needed was to use a more robust knot to connect the polls than the one suggested in the instructions.

J. Marwood, NEWQUAY

Great Wigwam

This is a very sturdy well made wigwam, easy to put together, about 10 minutes in all. The children love playing in this, not too big so able to have in playroom. Amazon as usual had stock and best for price, quick delivery.

Newlynn, Wentworth

Great product great price

We have used this loads. It is fantastic quality and great for a bit of stylish shade in the garden, really well made and sturdy and a fantastic price compared to most of the three figured ones on the market. Highly recommended, my two year old LOVEs playing in it.

Mrs M, Bath

Easy to put away

I looked for a tent for my children for a while and finally decided on this wigwam. It is more sturdy than the traditional plastic wendy houses as the sticks holding it together are wood and strong. It is a good size, fits in my two young children well....and a collection of their toys. Its main advantage is it is very quick to fold up while still leaving it in a built condition. (You just gather the sticks together) Its only disadvantage is it can shuffle along the ground with the children in it, although this isn't a problem unless they crash into the wall!

mrs moo, Helston

Very good quality

Great quality and worth the money. Simple to erect. The grandchildren had loads of fun playing in the garden. Keeping the adults out was difficult.

PeterM, Helston

Excellent service

I was concerned in case I didn't receive this item before Christmas for my two sons but after telephoning the company I received it within two days. The customer service was fantastic and the product is good quality and very easy and quick to assemble. I have a 2 year old and a 9 year old and they both love it.

Sophia Gampton, Bedford

I think it is great. We recently saw a plastic one with a ...

Yes it does smell when first opened, so we aired it. The poles can be a bit of a pain as they do sometimes come apart and sometimes slip out of the pockets they rest in, so we taped the poles, might glue them. It was a bit un co-operative after getting damp in the garden, but we coped and when it dried out it was easier to manage all over again. Having said all this, I think it is great. We recently saw a plastic one with a base at a garden centre, for a moment I thought we had made a mistake, but this looks more realistic and feels like you are camping when you are sitting in it. I can just about get in with my 2 year old granddaughter, but we lay down with our legs out if necessary! I like the design, it is not dark inside and more importantly, our little one has a lovely shady place in the garden and it is not pink!

honeybee, essex

Great purchase, well worth the money.

We researched quite thoroughly before opting for this wigwam. We were not disappointed, it was relatively quick and easy to assemble, it is well made and sturdy and the canvas is brightly decorated, our 2 year old grandson loved it from the moment it was put up (indoors at the moment until the summer). It has been folded up for storage in the garden shed until the next time he comes to visit. Highly recommended.

P S., Preston