Really Sturdy.

I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived. The fabric is a lovely cotton and the frame really sturdy. It is a bit fiddly to put together at first but once it's up it's easy to take apart in sections and move around.

Claire, Emsworth


This tent is so beautiful, my daughter is so happy with it. The detail is very good and makes my daughter feel like a princess! Her play group friends all want one now! - very good product.

Suzie, Oxfordshire

Five Stars

Greatest buy.

Marianne, UK

Excellent for any little princess!

This is a beautiful play tent, my children love it and the price is brilliant for a tent so sturdy! Easy to put together and really lovely fabric and details! Big enough for me to join in the tea parties too! Would highly recommend!

Laura, Seaford

Five Stars

granddaughter lives in it lovely present

Becks, UK

Excellent playhouse

One of the best gifts we have given our wee girl - she practically lives inside this! A bit of a strugglen for Dad to get in though.

Ian&Mimi, UK

Best gift

This princess tent is the best gift santa brought us last year, my little girl has played in it every day, its up in her bedroom and its her special place. all her friends love it aswell. best gift i ever bought and worth every penny! beautifully well made. made to last!!

Lisa, UK

Five Stars

good quality and very spacious.

Olgs, UK

The perfect tent

My little girl loves this tent we got it for her 1st birthday and she is now 3 and she still plays with it everyday and it is like new. If anyone is looking for a tent that is going to last this is the perfect one.

Thearts, UK

Play Tent

Great Grand Niece loves it She likes to enter it with her toys and play inside. Makes her happy. Good choice of present.

Duncan, UK

Solid play tent

Tent really is beautiful my daughter 4 years and son 2 love playing in it. Well worth £50 best paying a little extra for good quality.

Nicola, UK

A great asset for playing indoors

This was bought as my daughters Xmas present 2012. It is a great asset at home. She still plays in it every day. She hides her most precious toys in there, she plays with her friends in it, and she also manages to get us all to join her in there, in "her house" as she calls it. It is a lovely asset for indoor playing and a great special space for your kid to have, all to herself. I would buy it again.

Connie, UK

princess play tent

lovely quality, very good value, very cute granddaughter will love this,. great for indoor or outdoor use. comes with wooden poles excellent

Gemma, UK

Love love love

Beautiful little girls play tent. Really different from others on the market. Great sturdy construction, lovely colours and design. I am sure my 2 year little girl will be playing with this tent for many years to come. Highly recommended.

Ms. Plunkett, UK

Perfect birthday gift

Delighted with both the quality and design of this delightful play tent. The four old helped to put it up and both then wanted to stay in it 'forever'!

Moomin, Uk


I have brought this beautiful house for my daughters for Christmas! Have assembled to look at it and it's will be just perfect for a my little 2 & 3 year olds who will find this as enchanting as it look! I'm over the moon with it! Delivery was quick brought and delivered in perfect condition in just 2 days! Fantastic product and amazing service!

Leeloo, UK

perfectly sweet!

My little girl got this on her 1st Birthday. It lives in the play room and I have fashioned fairy lights inside the "roof" and put her old play mat from the 0-6 month stage on the floor. Its so cozy! I love to put all her teddies (keeps them out of the way) in there and her play picnic set and she happily sits in there playing for ages! Its a lovely colour, good quality and I can see it being used for years. The only downsize is how big it is, so set it up in the room you want it in. I guess you will have to adjust it to take outside etc.. recommend :)

B. E. Saunders, UK

great buy and quick delivery

I bought this for my daughters 3rd birthday and she loves it. Her room is quite large so it fits nicely in the corner of her room. Its sturdy and will last for a while. Its very spacious inside, enough for mummy, daddy and little one to fit comfortably inside.

G Singh, London

lovely tent

This is a lovely tent easy to put up lovely size for a bedroom nice pretty colours. Previously i had a wigwam tent priced around 70 i like the wigwam canvas it seems slightly better quality you can move the wigwam round better i.e take to different rooms or outside but the wigwam takes up a lot of room so swopped it for the princess castle which once up its a more permanent fixture in the room.


Lovely tent

I bought this for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas and she loves it. It was easy to put together, but if you arent intending to leave it up permanently, I would suggest not screwing it together with the screws provided so that you can pull the poles apart again from the plastic joins at a later date. It is quite sturdy and fairly large, so it would be suitable if you have more than one child using it at a time. It is fine in a fairly large indoor space but it would probably not be ideal for someone who would only want it out for occasional use, maybe a smaller, lighter pop up one would be better. The door and windows are covered with fabric that can be rolled up and fastened from the inside which lets the light in. It is quite warm inside too. My only slight disappointment was the packaging (it arrived in a plain cardboard box) so when my daughter opened it, she had no idea what it was. We didn't have room to put it up in advance as the Christmas tree was in the space we needed to put the tent in!

Tasha, UK

So pretty

I bought this tent to replace a pop up tent which was getting too small and was wobbling around from being put up and down. When I took it out of the box I was a little daunted as I wanted a tent that could easily be put away and this has wooden posts with screws. However, it hardly took anytime to put together and is really sturdy without the screws. My 4 year old girl loves it, it is taller than most of the play tents I looked at so we can play in it together too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this tent and this company.

amanda, UK

Great present for a 4 year old

We bought this castle for our 4 year old daughter. She was really happy when she got it. She now spends a lot of time in it. The play tent is very good quality, easy to put together. It is well worth the money we paid for it.

Hanna, Uk

Fantastic play tent

This play tent is really good quality and very sturdy. My daughter loves playing in it and there is enough room for me to join her inside for a tea party!

Shazele, UK

Would definitely recommend.

This fairy princess tent is absolutely lovely, the kids love having tea parties with their friends. It is so easy to build, and comes with great instructions. If you are thinking of buying a playhouse but are not sure about the size or how permanent it might have to be, then the play tent is a brilliant option as it can be played with indoors or outside, and can be packed away very easily.

hannah, UK

Really sturdy and pretty

My daughter really wanted a playhouse for her birthday this year and with an incredibly postage stamp sized space left in the garden I wanted something sturdy, but not permanent. I found this on the internet and was thrilled when it arrived it has as a wooden pole construction that is easy and the whole thing can be built and moved with ease. My little girl was thrilled and now has this sat in the corner of her bedroom. It goes out into the garden in the nice weather which is fantastic. It is strong enough to put up with 3 - 4 girls and teddies and the fantastic little doors and windows that roll up and close up which they LOVE to close up and open! The tent is 1.2m across so is really spacious with lots of room to play. I am thrilled and I know that this will last probably longer than my little girl will want it - I have Friends and Family begging to know where I got it from. The image on the front looks very bright pink, but this is a really pretty pastel tent that is brilliant value.

Sam, UK

Brilliant gift

Bought this for my 2 year old niece who absolutely ADORES it. PROS: - Sturdy construction; feels really safe even with the kids bouncing all over it - More spacious than it first appears; loads of room for cushions, teddies and friends! - Speedy delivery, well packed - Instructions were easy to follow and the whole thing was assembled in around 20 mins (important with an excited 2 year old struggling to contain herself!) CONS: - A few of the joints were a little tricky to assemble (self tapping screws needed quite a bit of force to get them going) but nothing a few taps with a hammer couldn't fix!

P, London

great quality tent !

great quality tent !

RL, stirlingshire

Lovely product

Lovely product. Better than I expected

M, Dunbar

Lovely play castle

Lovely play castle, my children love it and have already spent lots of time in there. Good quality and I'm hoping it will last a long time as it is made out of wood so hopefully won't break as easy as those pop up tents

Sally, Dereham


My Granddaughter lives in this apparently- which is just as well as my daughter's flat is quite small! He-he. My daughter says it's well made and quick and easy to setup. Very pleased with this purchase thank you Big Game Hunters.

Zom, England

Five Stars

for my grand daughter and she loved it

Fiona, Inverness

Wonderful. My 11 month old squealed with delight

Wonderful. My 11 month old squealed with delight when she saw it and loves playing in it. Superb quality and really beautiful. Very easy to put up and take down.

Jamie, Wales

really sturdy

I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived. The fabric is a lovely cotton and the frame really sturdy. Is a bit fiddly to put together at first but once it's up it's easy to take apart in sections and move around.

Claire, emsworth

Fantastic quality and great fun

The tent came well packaged in a surprisingly small parcel and was incredibly easy to assemble. All you need are 10 minutes of your time and a screwdriver. It is so easy that I did not even need the instructions. You simply slot the different sized wooden poles into the connectors provided, secure them with screws (also included in the set) and cover the frame with the the canvas. It is really that simple! The door and three roll up windows can be tied up during playtime and are a fun little feature for little princesses and fairies. Amy kept playing Rapunzel inside, throwing her head out of the window, and it was too funny to look at! It is incredibly well made, beautiful to look at and really sturdy despite it being light enough to move it around in the garden or your childs bedroom. I know for sure that Amy will be able to enjoy it not only for the rest of this summer, but also for years to come.

Carolin, Germany

Kids love it! Highly recommended

My two children - aged three and two - absolutely love this. They play for hours in it and it's so sturdy and well made that it resists all their rough play too. Highly recommended

Kiran, London